Donaldson Filtration Solutions
Donaldson Filtration Solutions


    Fact: Donaldson Filters have better airflow
  • Donaldson Filter Media is made with High Performance Dry Synthetic Media
  • Synthetic man made fibers are uniformly distributed across the media leaving no holes or gaps to allow debris to pass thru.
  • The filter media fibers are engineered with specific properties, patterns and densities to trap more dirt while channeling optimal airflow
Donaldson Synthetic Media
Donaldson Synthetic Media
Challenger K&N Media
Challenger K&N Media
Brackett "Foam" Media

    Fact: Your engine will develop as good or better Horsepower using Donaldson filters
  • Donaldson filters restriction is Lower and would theoretically provide a fractional performance advantage
    Fact: Donaldson Filters stop more dirt from entering your engine
  • Donaldson filters provide Superior engine protection than “wet” or Oiled filters
  • Donaldson filter prevent 98% or greater vs. ISO coarse dust at rate flow from entering your engine
  • Tested per ISO5011 specifications
    Fact: Donaldson filters are Long Lasting, Cleanable and are Cost efficient
  • Designed to perform for 500 FH, 3-years or 5 cleaning which ever comes first (refer to service instructions found in document P469075 for complete details)
    Fact: Donaldson filters are FAA-PMA approved
  • No - STC’s required, Most Cessna, Beechcraft, Piper, Mooney, Maule aircraft were designed to use a Donaldson filter and had Donaldson filters installed at the factory.
  • PMA approved and available from multiple well know distributors
    Fact: OEM Choice, Donaldson Filters have been the OEM’s choice for over 40 years.
  • Over 75 aircraft platforms have been designed to use a Donaldson engine intake filter providing mission critical performance and protection.
    • Engine Intake Filters
    • Instrument air filters
    Fact: Synthetic Media is commonly referred to as “DRY” media
  • no sticky/messy oil is needed for dust trapping
  • better for the environment cleanable, no oils to pollute the environment
    Fact: Meets & Exceeds FAR 25.853 flammability tests
  • Oiled or “Wet” filters do not pass FAR 25.853 flammability test, including a 12 second vertical burn test
    Fact: Designed to exceeded FAR 23.1107
  • Induction systems requirements
    Fact: Solid construction
  • No removable parts-not a kit, no loose screens, elements or screws
    Fact: Synthetic media will not hold moisture
  • Moisture passes thru media, the syntetic fibers will not absorb moisture or casue water to bead up on the surface