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Crankcase Filtration

The progressive inclusion of crankcase emissions in total engine emissions, along with continuing tightening of emissions regulations, is calling for new engineering solutions. Blow-by aerosols have to be filtered out of the crankcase with no compromise to engine reliability.

Donaldson Spiracle™ Crankcase Filtration Technology combined with our new, high efficiency Synteq™ XP filter technology is a major step forward in crankcase filtration. We have crankcase filtration solutions for both first-fit and retrofit.

Original Equipment Manufacturers Solutions
We have standard and custom solutions for both open crankcase vents (OCV) and closed crankcase ventilation (CCV) systems. For custom solutions, contact your Donaldson sales representative or view readily available information on our standard solutions.

Retrofit Solutions – Over 16,000 installed in U.S.
As part of EPA and CARB regulatory agency initiatives, buses, trucks and municipal fleets throughout the United States are equipped with our crankcase filtration system. Learn more about our retrofit solutions by reviewing our case studies and product information.

Ask for the Spiracle™ Crankcase Filtration Technology brand when you’re looking for unique crankcase filtration solutions.

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