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Donaldson Endurance™ Extended Service Filters

When you need maximum protection, Donaldson offers a full line of extended service filters that deliver better engine protection, minimizing vehicle downtime and reducing long-term operating costs. Our extended service filters are a direct replacements to existing OE filters and require no system modifications.

If you have your standard filter part number, you can find the Donaldson Endurance filter by using our Cross Reference.

Extended Service Air Filtration
Donaldson Endurance™ extended service air filters increase engine protection and reduce your fleet's maintenance costs. Donaldson Endurance air filters with Ultra-Web® Nanofiber Filtration Technology will go twice the distance or we will supply a new filter at no charge.

Extended Service Lube Filtration
Donaldson Endurance™ lube filters are designed for extended filter maintenance programs for heavy-duty truck and diesel engines. Just a simple cross reference of your current lube filter and you’ll reduce oil consumption, increase engine protection and reduce operating costs.

Extended Service Coolant Filtration
Donaldson Endurance Plus extended service life coolant filters come equipped with additive replenishment technology and are suited for direct replacement to standard coolant filters in engines without modification or special maintenance. Learn More.

Twice the Distance Guarantee
We are so confident that our Donaldson Endurance products will reduce truck maintenance requirements that we offer Twice the Distance Guarantees for qualifying truck fleets.





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