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Extended Service

There’s a new standard in heavy-duty engine filtration — Donaldson Blue™. Now the very best Donaldson technology across a wide range of engine and bulk fuel filtration applications will be easy to recognize — they’re all blue.

The Donaldson Blue line includes proven technologies like Ultra-Web® nanofiber media for air filtration (the original air intake nanofiber) and new technologies like Synteq XP™ media, which is a game changer for Tier 4 fuel filtration.

With more than 150 air intake, lube, coolant, and on-board fuel filters — plus advanced bulk fuel filtration systems that clean fuel before you pump it into your equipment — Donaldson Blue gives you the broadest premium coverage of any filtration brand. You can trust Donaldson Blue filters to clean in the harshest environments.

Extended Service Air Filtration
Donaldson Blue™ air filters with Ultra-Web® nanofiber
technology protect engines by providing better initial and overall efficiency compared to conventional cellulose media.
Donaldson Blue Off-Road Air Filters
Donaldson Blue On-Road Air Filters

High Efficiency Fuel Filtration
Donaldson Blue fuel filters, manufactured using Donaldson’s Synteq XP™ media technology, offer superior contaminant removal and better particulate retention under dynamic operating conditions

Extended Service Lube Filtration
Donaldson Blue™ extended service lube filters with Synteq™ media operate longer between service intervals. Donaldson Synteq media removes greater amounts of fine contaminant and delivers increased contaminant holding capacity compared to standard cellulose media. It all adds up to longer filter life and better engine protection.

Extended Service Coolant Filtration
Donaldson Blue coolant filters extend service life with Synteq media technology. Donaldson Blue coolant filters with additive replenishment technology are also available and are suited for direct replacement to standard coolant filters in engines without modification or special maintenance.

Clean Fuel Solutions
Donaldson Blue bulk filtration systems clean fuel before you pump it into your equipment. When you combine Donaldson Blue bulk fuel filtration with Donaldson Blue on-board fuel filters, you get advanced fuel system protection for today’s advanced injectors and engines.





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