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Shoptalk began in 1990 as a quarterly newsletter for Donaldson replacement filter customers. Shoptalk provided product support information, industry articles and, most importantly, tech tips. Today, Shoptalk takes a new form — direct mail cards. We hope it lives up to its predecessor. We tried to keep the product information simple and direct, while providing the most up-to-date technical tips and maintenance suggestions. We hope you find Shoptalk to be informative and beneficial.


PDF Want to Change Your Air Filter Less Often?
PDF Replace Damaged or Missing VacValves Immediately!
PDF A Total Revolution in a Simple Twist!
PDF Truck Mufflers for Every Budget
PDF Extend Your Service Intervals with Donaldson Endurance Liquid Filters
PDF Our Most Popular Exhaust Clamps
PDF Maintain Coolant Quality with Donaldson Endurance Plus
PDF Two-stage DPF Cleaning System
PDF Keep Those ECG Konepac Air Cleaner Latches Inspected
PDF Don't Retighten a Lube Filter Once it has Been Installed


PDF Demand Donaldson for Reliable Air Filtration
PDF What is the Purpose of a Safety Filter?
PDF Reduce Exhaust Leaks
PDF Three Thoughts on Backpressure
PDF The SSG Air Cleaner is Designed for the Worst Dust Conditions
PDF Rugged and Reliable Filtration Solutions for Every Type of Mining!
PDF Our Most Popular Lube Filters for Mining
PDF TRAP Moisture in Hydraulic Reservoirs


PDF Filter Service Indicators Reduce Maintenance Costs
PDF PSD Family of Air Cleaners with PowerCore
PDF Donaldson Keeps Your Compressors Running
PDF Low Pressure Solutions for all Mobile Hydraulic Applications
PDF TopSpin™ Pre-Cleaner: New Robust Design!
PDF Protect Your Diesel Engine from Liner Pitting
PDF FKB Family of Air Cleaners
PDF XRB Air Cleaners


Shoptalk - Donaldson Innovation
PDF A Full Line of Hydraulic/Transmission Filters
PDF Donaldson Keeps Our Troops Moving
PDF Filter Maintenance Log
PDF Filter Tracking Journal
PDF Donaldson Dust, Fume & Mist Collection
PDF Your Truck, Tractor and AIRPLANE can use Donaldson Filters
PDF Worried About Water in your Air Intake System
PDF Filtration Mechanisms
PDF Don't Throw Away a Good Filter Just Because it Might Look "Dirty"
PDF Online Tools Provide the Most Current Product Info
PDF Industry References Website Resources
PDF Wondering Which Donaldson Clamp to Install?
PDF Donaldson PowerCore Gets Even Better with "PowerCore G2"
PDF Donaldson Duramax - The Next Generation of Hydraulic Filter
PDF Take a Look at Air Filtration Efficiency and Dust Holding Capacity
PDF Finding Filters in Dramatic Places!
PDF Ultra-Web® Celebrates 15 Years of Proof!
PDF Check Out Donaldson's Synteq™ XP Media vs the Competition
PDF Quality Filtration and Exhaust Products for the Oil and Gas Industry
PDF Eliminate Crankcase Emissions
PDF Ultra-Web: All Nanofibers are Not Created Equal
PDF What's the Difference Between Single and Two-Stage Air Cleaners?
PDF PJAC™ Ultra® Air Cleaner
PDF They Say a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
PDF Put on More Miles Between Oil Changes
PDF All the Filters for Your Engine in 1 Part Number
PDF We Set the Standard for Liquid Filtration Performance
PDF Watch Out for Old Compression Gaskets
PDF Watch Out for Dents on Liquid Filters
PDF Basic Fuel Filter Maintenance
PDF Do Emissions Requirements Get You Dazed and Confused?
PDF Using Aftermarket Filters or Mufflers Will Not Void Your Warranty
PDF How a Fuel Filter Water Separator Works
PDF Understanding Liquid Filter Efficiency
PDF A Look at Donaldson Liquid Filter Pictograms
PDF PowerCore and Ultra-Web, Advanced Air Filtration
PDF Smaller. Smarter Dust Collectors - Torit PowerCore
PDF Using Donaldson Fuel Filters with Biodiesel
PDF Where does Hydraulic System Contamination Come From?
PDF Hydraulic Performance Under Any Pressure
PDF Hydraulic Components Need Protection
PDF High-Performance DT Hydraulic Cartridges

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