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Meet Our People

Sales Director, Engine Products Department

Q. Two decades is a long time to stay with one company. How has Donaldson earned your loyalty?

Rod: I’ve stayed here because of the culture. It is open and collaborative, with minimal politics. Our leaders are approachable and as humble as anyone can be. Donaldson is involved with many charities, which was a hidden surprise to me when I joined the company. Today, I’m told we have one of the highest percentages of blood donors in the Twin Cities. I’ve given nearly five gallons myself, and I hate needles! I do it because it’s modeled by our leaders and is a chance to save a life. I also admire Donaldson’s “pay for performance” approach to the business. This holds all of us accountable and inspires teamwork throughout the company.

Q. As someone who grew up on a farm in Iowa, you relate especially well to Donaldson’s agricultural accounts. What other interests drive your career?

Rod: I love training. I like role playing and teaching employees to think on their feet. Today, I work with many people who support the business but don’t report directly to me. I think of myself as a coach - getting to see the results of effective training is gratifying.

Senior Internal Auditor, Finance Department

Q. What path led you to Donaldson Company?

Stacy: While in school, I interned at Donaldson for two summers and one full school year. This was an incredible experience. As an intern, I was exposed to three departments within the finance area: credit and collections, cost accounting and financial reporting. My managers let me rotate through the departments to gain valuable experience and help to define my career path. After school, I was hired as a full-time employee in internal audit.

Q. What is the best thing about working at Donaldson?

Stacy: That’s easy. It’s the people and the relationships. On my first day as an intern, I remember walking down the hall, amazed at how many people said, “Hi,” to me – people I’d never met before. They all had happy faces. It was an awesome experience. Donaldson’s culture supports these relationships. The company is community-oriented and very good at reaching out to others. I feel well respected and valued here. In just a short time, I have learned a ton about Donaldson and have built life-long relationships.

Sales Manager, Industrial Products Department

Q. What brought you to the engineering team at Donaldson Company?

Josh: My earliest interest in engineering began when I was just a boy, playing with Legos and Knex. Now I have both a B.S. and M.S. degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Minnesota. I learned about Donaldson through a Career Fair in college and started as an intern in the Engine business, attracted by Donaldson’s performance track record. I joined the company full time in 2010 in the Dust Collection business. The opportunities I was afforded in my early roles were pretty amazing. I can tell you more about a grain elevator than I thought possible. I never thought I’d be 160 feet above the Columbia River on a moving platform as part of my job, watching a company dispense grain into barges that would take it to the other side of the world.

Q. You've been with the Company for five-plus years, can you tell us what you have enjoyed most about your Donaldson tenure?

Josh: I’ve stayed because of Donaldson’s track record, continued success and drive forward. I also like its stability. Not many companies reach 100 years. I like the customer-focused approach to the business. At Donaldson, employees strive to do what’s best for the customer. There is meticulous business management. Leaders here want a good understanding of what we’re doing and why. They are methodical and precise. I also like that there is a wide breadth of engineering disciplines for me here. If I ever want to find a new niche, I probably can do so within Donaldson.