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Complete coverage from end to end. For more than 50 years, Donaldson has been a leading supplier of exhaust systems, components and accessories for medium and heavy-duty diesel powered equipment. Our exhaust system product line includes everything you need for a wide variety of on- and off-road applications.

Muffler Design & Performance

Donaldson mufflers are designed and tested with a specific focus three performance variables.  Be sure to select a system or replacement parts that are right for your application.

  • Attenuation
    • Refers to the reduction in sound level measured between an engine without a muffler – and the same engine with a muffler
    • Measured in the decibel scale (dBAs)
    • Traditional mufflers use tubes, baffles, expansion chambers and insulation to control noise
    • New applications include emissions control devices
    • Engine manufacturers generally expect engine exhaust sound reductions of 15 - 25 dBA
    • The EPA also regulates noise levels
  • Backpressure
    • Refers to the force necessary to flow gases through the exhaust system, or the resistance to flow
    • Excessive backpressure can reduce horsepower and fuel economy
    • To promote efficient engine performance, minimization of backpressure is very important
    • It's important to minimize system friction and momentum effects – expansion, contraction, elbows and velocity head loss at outlet
    • Our muffler specifications offer suggestions for proper selection to reduce backpressure 
  • Structural
    • Structural durability of systems and components is also very important
    • Variables to consider include position, mounting support, weight and material type
    • For example, if an OE specifies a particular system, and you install a heavier system (such as an emissions control device), its critical that you upgrade hangers, brackets and stanchions with more robust components that can support the added weight
    • Most exhaust system problems seen by our field service techs are due to improper bracketing or use of clamps – rather than issues with muffler construction


  • On-road trucks
  • Off-road vehicles and equipment


  • Low back pressure for better fuel economy and efficient engine performance
  • Corrosion resistant materials for long service life
  • Mufflers for every budget – with good, better and best alternatives


  • Seven inlet/outlet styles in both aluminized and stainless steel
  • Many different configurations to fit/adapt to your vehicle/equipment
  • High temperature paint available on select models
  • A full offering of accessories to make sure your exhaust system fits and is mounted properly – clamps, hangers, connectors, tubing, tailpipes and all associated components