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Diesel Fuel Kits

Donaldson's range of Diesel Fuel Filter Kits offer additional protection for your vehicle, providing cleaner fuel to keeping you on track and out of the workshop.

Modern diesel engines are being built to increasingly stringent specifications with finer operating tolerances. They require clean, dry fuel for optimum combustion, maximum power and the lowest emission levels.

Dirt and water are the enemies of fuel systems and can dramatically reduce the service life of fuel system components. If your vehicle operates in extreme conditions, or where fuel quality is uncertain, we recommend the installation of additional primary fuel filtration to provide added engine protection. 


  • Ideal for many 4WD and heavy-duty applications
  • Includes bonus filter element - keep one in the vehicle as a spare
  • Supports fuel flow range up to 379 lph / 100 gpm
  • High-efficiency and chassis mount versions available

Supporting engines with fuel flow rates up to 114 lph / 30 gpm, Donaldson’s 11 micron Diesel Fuel Kit is ideal for added protection against dirt and water for pre-common rail turbo 4WD’s and a variety of other applications such as generators, pumps, agricultural and construction equipment. Supplied with an optional use water collection bowl, fuel line fittings and a spare filter, this easy-to-install kit is as a robust and value package.

Donaldson's High Efficiency Diesel Fuel Kit has an efficiency rating of 3 micron @ 99% efficiency and supports fuel flow rates up to 114 lph / 30 gpm. The High Efficiency Diesel Fuel Kit provides the essential extra protection against dirt and water for common rail turbo 4WD applications, as well as other HPCR diesel engines where the highest level of fuel cleanliness is required. Included with this easy to install kit is an optional use water collection bowl, fuel line fittings and a replacement filter.

The Chassis Mount Diesel Fuel Kit is a larger filter assembly, perfect for heavy duty vehicles with higher flow rate demands of up to 379 lph / 100 gpm. The Chassis Mount Diesel Fuel Kit is suitable for many larger 4WD, truck and equipment applications with higher flow rate demands, and has an efficiency rating of 3 micron @ 99% efficiency. With its optional use water collection bowl, fuel line fittings and replacement filter, it offers a higher flow rate, lower pressure loss, separates water and provides the highest level of fuel cleanliness, essential for modern heavy duty diesel engines.

Fuel Filter Technology

Quality, reliable filtration is an essential component of maintaining sophisticated, modern diesel engines. Donaldson fuel filters provide clean, filtered fuel which ultimately helps prevent pump wear, injector clogging, premature engine wear and maintain fuel efficiency.

  1. FILTER MEDIA — Designed to capture harmful contaminants and repel water to protect today’s sensitive injection systems. Donaldson filter media meets or exceeds OEM specifications.
  2. EFFICIENCY — Media packs are designed to allow full-flow under high operating pressures while providing the cleanest fuel possible.
  3. HOUSINGS — Heavy-duty housings for strength and vibration-proof durability.
  4. SEALS AND O-RINGS — Heat and chemical resistant to prevent leaks or unfiltered fuel bypass.
  5. COMPATIBILITY — Factory-fit design suits the application and allows for existing factory sensors and water collection bowls to be used where applicable.

Why Diesel Filtration Is Critical for Your 4WD

Contaminated fuel can lead to vehicle downtime and costly repairs. This module provides an in-depth look at the ways to prevent contamination occurring in your vehicle.