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Truck Kits

The Donaldson range of Fuel and Lube Truck Filter Kits provide the performance and reliability needed for modern diesel engines. As well as providing great value and reduced total cost, our products are built to meet or exceed OE requirements. Manufactured to the highest standard, Donaldson filters utilize quality materials and are backed by a full aftermarket warranty.

Built for the long haul, Donaldson heavy-duty Truck filters deliver comprehensive filtration solutions for your truck - and fleet. When you buy Donaldson, you can be certain that you are buying the best.


  • Donaldson filter media which meets or exceeds OEM specifications
  • Robust, heavy-duty housings and liners
  • Heat and chemical resistant gaskets and seals
  • Contain the necessary fuel and lube filters for a standard service all in one kit


  • Robust construction provides structural integrity and fatigue resistance
  • Factory-fit design suits the application and allows for existing factory sensors to be used where applicable
  • Filter media designed to capture and hold harmful contaminant while allowing maximum flow


Donaldson’s range of Truck Filter Kits cover most popular truck makes and models with over 60 kits for trucks including:

  • CAT
  • Cummins
  • Detroit
  • Fuso
  • UD
  • Hino
  • Mack
  • Isuzu
  • Volvo

Added Protection

Donaldson's range of Diesel Fuel Filter Kits offer additional protection for your vehicle. Learn more >>

Lube Filter Technology

Donaldson oil filters are designed to keep fluids clean by capturing contaminants and abrasive particles. Unfiltered liquids may result in premature wear of expensive engine components.

  1. FILTER MEDIA — Full-Flow media packs allow for maximum flow while capturing harmful particles. Donaldson filter media meets or exceeds the OEM specifications.
  2. HOUSINGS — Heavy-duty construction designed for maximum operating pressures. Robust construction will not vibrate loose and will resist fatigue.
  3. THREAD — The tapered lead in thread makes installation easier with leak-free performance.
  4. INNER TUBE — Designed to allow full oil flow with no sharp edges, protecting filter media from damage.
  5. GASKETS & SEALS — Made from elastomer for superior life and performance.
  6. SPRING — A high tension coil spring maintains the media pack in position ensuring inner seal integrity.

Fuel Filter Technology

Quality, reliable filtration is an essential component of maintaining sophisticated, modern diesel engines. Donaldson fuel filters provide clean, filtered fuel which ultimately helps prevent pump wear, injector clogging, premature engine wear and maintain fuel efficiency.

  1. FILTER MEDIA — Designed to capture harmful contaminants and repel water to protect today’s sensitive injection systems. Donaldson filter media meets or exceeds OEM specifications.
  2. EFFICIENCY — Media packs are designed to allow full-flow under high operating pressures while providing the cleanest fuel possible.
  3. HOUSINGS — Heavy-duty housings for strength and vibration-proof durability.
  4. SEALS AND O-RINGS — Heat and chemical resistant to prevent leaks or unfiltered fuel bypass.
  5. COMPATIBILITY — Factory-fit design suits the application and allows for existing factory sensors and water collection bowls to be used where applicable.

Donaldson On-Road Filtration Solutions

Looking for high performing filtration solutions to protect your equipment? Donaldson has got you covered!

We are a one-stop filtration supplier, offering extended support to maximize performance and give you peace of mind.