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Five Steps to Choosing a Standard Air Cleaner

How to Choose an Air Cleaner

It’s just an air cleaner. How hard can it possibly be to choose one?

When deciding on your air cleaner, there are two primary factors to consider: The engine’s airflow requirements, and the environment in which the air cleaner will operate. Donaldson air application engineers are available to help you every step along the way. Please contact us if you’d like assistance.

1. Determine your airflow requirements. 

We’ll work with you to determine the best solution for your engine size and power output. Larger engines with higher power outputs need more air to support combustion, so we’ve developed options that range from 1400 LPM to 130,000LPM / 50 CFM to 4500 CFM – and everything in between.

2. Determine dust conditions. 

We’ll help you choose a solution based on whether your application will face light, medium, or heavy dust conditions – or if there are other contaminants to consider. Knowing the dust level of the working environment is vital because everything –size, configuration, pre-cleaner requirements, and more – is affected by dust. Then, you can select from our wide variety of solutions effective anywhere from light dust conditions like on-road applications to the dustiest environments encountered in mining and aggregates applications.

3. Select air cleaner series/configuration. 

Each proprietary Donaldson technology offers significant advantages over competitive offerings. Our application engineers will help you choose from PowerCore®, PowerPleat™, RadialSeal™, or disposable. 

4. Select the air cleaner family.

If more than one of our 20 air cleaner families fits your parameters, we typically recommend choosing the one with the lowest restriction to ensure the maximum service life for the air filter. If you don't find exactly what you're looking for among our standard air cleaner offering, or if you have a specialized size or performance need, we've previously developed hundreds of custom air cleaner and filter applications for OEMs around the world, and are happy to assist in developing a custom solution for your application.

5. Choose air intake system components. 

Inlet hoods, mounting bands, clamps, restriction indicators, pre-cleaners, rain hoods, and other components that will help integrate a standard air cleaner into your system are made with the Donaldson quality and innovation OEMs have come to expect from the air filtration leader.

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