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TurboTek H20+ Discussion at Australasian Gas Turbines Conference

Gas Turbine Filtration Specialist Peter Brighton to Discuss TurboTek H2O+ Performance Data, Benefits and Cost Savings for Your Plant and Equipment

Peter Brighton, Australasian GTS Manager, has over 27 years of experience partnering with and supporting major asset owners in streamlining production to increase efficiency. He will share his experience at the upcoming Gas Turbines Conference as he discusses and reviews the performance of the Donaldson TurboTek H20+ Water Tight Filter.

TurboTek H20+ has the ability to lock out moisture, thereby reducing and often eliminating water washes completely, which can translate to operational improvements and cost savings for the plant and equipment.

Additional Power Generation Revenue Gained Using TurboTek H2O+

90% of power capacity loss in gas turbines is due to inadequate filtration of inlet air. With Donaldson TurboTek H2O+ E12 HEPA technology, power plant operators can avoid lost power by eliminating 99.5% of contaminants which can result in erosion and fouling on compressor blades.

Come and speak to Peter in person at the event as he discusses:

  • TurboTek H2O+ performance
  • TurboTek H2O+ construction
  • Maximizing filter life
  • Increased engine efficiency
  • Eliminating/minimizing axial compressor losses
  • Reducing/eliminating online/offline water washes

Don’t miss the chance to speak to Peter and discuss the specific requirements for your operation, or Contact us now and get the conversation started today!

When: November 28 - 29, 2018

Location: Novotel Perth, Langley, Australia