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Dura-Life™ Media Technology

Dura-Life™ bag filters are engineered with a unique hydro-entanglement process that uses water to blend the bag fibers, creating a more uniform material with smaller pore size that provides better surface loading of dust and prevents penetration deep into the media.

In contrast, conventional polyester bags are manufactured with a needling process that creates larger pores where dust can embed into the fabric, inhibiting cleaning and reducing bag life. With better surface loading, Dura-Life bags provide improved pulse cleaning and a lower pressure drop, which results in extended bag life, less maintenance time and cost, energy savings and greater filtration efficiency.

Needled Polyester Bag Clean Air Side (300x)

Dura-Life Bag Clean Air Side (300x)

These photos were taken with a scanning electron microscope of bag media used in a collector that was filtering fly ash. The bags were removed after 2,700 hours of use. Air-to-media ratio was 4.5 to 1. Pressure drop after 2700 hours of operation was 6 in. on polyester bags and 2 in. on Dura-Life. ​
Dura-Life Bags Last 2-3 Times Longer Than Standard Polyester

Pressure drop increases at a faster rate with needled polyester bag filters due to dust embedding in the media, shortening bag life and forcing more frequent bag changes. Dura-Life filter bags, with surface loading of dust and better pulse cleaning, perform far longer than needled polyester filter bags when replacing due to excessive pressure drop.

These results were derived in accelerated lab tests, which correlate to field tests results, showing that Dura-Life will provide 2-3 times more life than standard 16 oz. polyester bag filters when replacing bags due to pressure drop.
Dura-Life Clears the Air Better - 30% Fewer Emissions

Dura-Life bag filter media has been shown to produce lower emissions than the 16 oz. needled polyester material used in most standard bags. Dura-Life media is more efficient at capturing dust, even 2.5 micron or smaller particles, reducing the amount of dust that escapes into the air. This helps to keep the workplace and environment cleaner.

Dura-Life Media Provides Lower Emissions Than Standard Polyester

These flat sheet results are based on independent lab tests using ASTM D 6830-02 per EPA PM 2.5 performance verification.
Dura-Life Bags are the Clear Choice for Savings

With Dura-Life, there are fewer bag changes, resulting in labor and replacement bag savings and less production downtime. Unique Dura-Life technology traps dust on the surface of the bag, allowing dust to be easily pulsed off during cleaning resulting in lower pressure drop and annual energy savings.

Annual Energy Savings Due to Reduce Pressure Drop
  Standard Polyester Bags Dura-Life Bags
Bag Filters 484 484
Operating Delta P 5 3
ACFM 57,000 57,000
Motor 125 HP 125 HP
Break HP 55.4 33.2
Annual Energy Use $16,687 $10,000

This is one example; energy savings can further increase with larger collectors. These energy savings are calculated based on the following assumptions: Baghouse collector runs 2 shifts per day, 5 days a week (4,000 hours per year) and energy costs are 10.7 cents per kilowatt hour with Variable Frequence Drive and an EISA compliant motor.

Labor and Bag Cost Savings Due to Fewer Bag Changes
Number of Dura-Life Bags Maintenance & Bag Cost Savings
484 $3,708
376 $2,881
276 $2,114
232 $1,777
156 $1,195
124 $950
72 $551  

These calculations are based on the following assumptions: standard polyester bag filters are replaced annually, Dura-Life bag filters provide twice the life of standard polyester bag filters, time-and-a-half labor rate equals $45/hr. including benefits, and a three-person crew can replace 40 bags/hr. Labor and bag cost savings can further increase with larger collectors.

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