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Donaldson Company Innovators Recognized at 2020 Patent Recipient and Inventor Awards

Awards honor employees whose work helps solve the world’s most complex filtration challenges

MINNEAPOLIS (May 10, 2021)—Donaldson Company, Inc. (NYSE:DCI), a leading worldwide manufacturer of innovative filtration products and solutions, has announced the Company’s 2020 patent recipients and Inventor Award winners, in recognition of employees’ contributions in helping Donaldson maintain its leadership in the filtration industry.

The Technology Achievement Award, given to an individual or team, recognizes a material, product, process or method that has made an extraordinary contribution to Donaldson’s long-term success. This year’s award winner is the Alternative Oleophobic Treatment for Membranes team of Kyle Sontag, principal scientist, Matt Goertz, senior principal engineer; Suresh Bommineni, principal engineer; and Neil Taurinskas, process development engineer.

The Technology Champion Award recognizes an individual advancing a technology or process against popular opinion which is later recognized as the right thing to do. This year’s winner is Korneel De Rudder, development manager, Exhaust & Emissions.

The Emerging Innovator Award recognizes innovative technical leadership from relative newcomers at Donaldson. This year’s winner is Mathijs Verstraete, design manager, Engine Air.

"Donaldson’s global engineering, technology and operations teams develop the innovative solutions and technologies that help us fulfill our purpose of Advancing Filtration for a Cleaner World. With over 2,400 active patents in fiscal year 2020, these innovators are vital to our global leadership in filtration and this event recognizes their significant achievements."

Michael Wynblatt, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Donaldson Company

The Richard M. Negri Manufacturing Excellence Award, named for a past vice president of operations whose many contributions greatly advanced Donaldson’s global operations, goes to an individual who has created and implemented significant process technology and product improvements for manufacturing operations. This year’s winner is Andy Albitz, senior manufacturing engineer

The Frank A. Donaldson Award, named after Donaldson’s founder, is presented to an individual for outstanding, long-term engineering achievements. This year’s winner is Greg LaVallee, senior principal engineer, Modeling and Data Science.

Eighty-seven employees who received patents in calendar year 2020 were also recognized for their achievements.

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