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Meet Our People

European Manufacturing Project Manager, Czech Republic 

“Your talent and ideas are supported.” 

Throughout the years Donaldson has been able to maintain its position as a leading technical company because it invests in technical research & de­velopment and -most importantly- in technical talent. 

What I really appreciate is the fact that your ideas on technical improvements are taken into consideration and in many cases, they are investigated and put into practice. 

Knowing that your talent and ideas are supported is a great feeling. It gives you wings which move you and your career forward. It is also the main reason why I enjoy working for Donaldson and take pride in the very diverse projects I am responsible for.


Business Development Manager, Germany 

“My international experience moved my career forward.” 

I joined Donaldson in 2003 as a Pro­duct Line Manager. Five years later I was assigned to lead a business unit in Asia Pacific. 

It was a great opportunity to work in China. Not only did this international experience broaden my horizon; it also moved my career forward. 

Today I’m leading the Process Filtration business in EMEA. A great challenge which enables me to further develop my managerial skills and discover dif­ferent cultures.

Business Analyst Manager, Belgium 

“Donaldson offers stability and long term career perspectives.” 

During my career at Donaldson I have been given the opportunity to develop within finance towards my current position as a Business Analyst Manager but also to work in both Germany and Belgium. 

In my job I especially enjoy the interaction with my colleagues. The fact that they are from different countries and cultures makes it even more interesting. 

Donaldson is the type of company where you can grow your career and at the same time grow as a person. This approach and the long term career perspectives are precisely what I am looking for.

Sales Manager, Belgium 

“Donaldson succeeds in turning equal opportunity into reality.” 

I have been with the company for more than 18 years. I still enjoy every day and all the challenges and opportunities which come with my job. There is never a dull moment! 

During the years my appreciation for Donaldson has grown. Thanks to its values, its people and its leadership, Donaldson continues to be the company where I feel at home. 

If you were to ask me why, the answer is because Donaldson succeeds in turning equal opportunity into reality. Our talent may not be equal but all of us are offered an equal opportunity to develop the talents we have. It is this spirit which creates a great work atmosphere.”