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Meet Veli Kalayci

Q.  You’ve been with Donaldson since 2002, and you have always been encouraged to take on new technology challenges and positions. What role does innovation play in your current position?

I started in the Corporate Technology research and development group and worked on Ultra-Web nanofiber technology and the development of new filtration media and manufacturing processes. In 2008, I moved to the Engine Air business, managing the crankcase ventilation filtration engineering team. Three years later, I became product manager in the Liquid Product business, working on hydraulic filtration solutions for mobile off-road and industrial markets. In 2014, I moved to Engine Liquid side, working on lube and fuel filtration solutions.

High-performance filtration of these fluids is vital to the operation of an engine. A lot of technical innovation goes into making sure customers’ engines have the cleanest fuels and lube oils so their equipment lasts longer, their maintenance costs are lower, and their overall experience with their vehicles is better. Throughout my years with Donaldson, innovation has been the common theme bridging the different parts of the company.


Q.  What is the most unique use for Ultra-Web technology?

Ultra-Web media technology, along with chemical filtration, is very effective as an odor filter for patients with colostomy bags. We took a core business product technology that was used mostly for air filtration on diesel engines and industrial dust collection businesses, and we added more functionality to deal with odors. As a result, we were able to leverage this cool technology for medical use, making a difference in the lives of people using colostomy bags. The technology is innovative, and how we package it is innovative, and combining air filtration with chemical filtration has enabled us to expand the use and serve a new industry. I currently hold 19 issued U.S. patents, but the one that means the most is for this fine fiber technology that can adsorb contaminants, such as those in the odor from a colostomy bag.


Q.  Where will the next breakthroughs occur in liquid filtration?

The next level of breakthroughs will be around improvements in engine efficiency, fuel economy and the experience of our customers. Equipment efficiency is already tremendously better, but we continue to look for ways to do more work with the same amount of consumption. Innovative, high performance liquid filtration technologies and products for lube oils, fuels and hydraulic fluids will continue to help our customers get optimal fuel economy, less unplanned downtime and fewer repairs for the best user experience.


Q.  What would it surprise others to know about you?

My middle name is Engin. I find this ironic, since I work with engine products all day.