Donaldson to Exhibit Latest Filtration Solutions at PHARMACOSMETECH

The new LifeTec depth and membrane filter elements are available with different connections.
Stop by and visit our Donaldson booth at the new Pharmacosmetech exhibition 2019 in Chartres, France to learn how our filtration solutions can improve your product and process integrity.

Pharmacosmetech takes place for the first time in April 2019 in Chartres, in the heart of the ‘Cosmetic Valley’, where almost half of the French pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, as well as the perfumery and fine chemistry industries, are located.

Donaldson will showcase a large portfolio of filtration products for these markets and will demonstrate solutions to increase process reliability and lower production costs.

With the new P-SRF series of sterile air filters, high retention rates are achieved.

Among our latest technical innovations to improve your product and process integrity are LifeTec® depth and membrane filters for the filtration of liquids and the new sterile air filter P-SRF series.

The new Ultrapac™ Smart heatless adsorption dryer from Donaldson is the first compressed air dryer of its kind that is operated with a sophisticated silencer. The adsorption dryer can be configured, installed, or integrated into machines and systems in different ways thanks to its compact, space-saving design.

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Ultrapac Smart Dryer

Come visit our booth at Pharmacosmetech to learn more about our new products and how they can help improve your pharmaceutical, cosmetic, perfumery and fine chemicals processes.

When: April 2 - 4, 2019

Location: Chartres, France

Booth #: A24

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