Donaldson's compressor filters ensure reliable power and minimal product defectives in automotive manufacturing.

Products for Automotive 


Our process and compressed air filtration helps uphold the highest quality standards in the chemical industry.

Products for Chemicals 


Our filters help extend the life of point-of use filtration devices and minimize downtime in electronic manufacturing.

Products for Electronics 


Our products deliver the highest quality of compressed air, water and other process fluids and drive power plant efficiency to the maximum.

Products for Energy 

Food & Beverage

We have a wide product portfolio of sterile air, liquid, and steam filtration solutions to meet your specific food & beverage application.

Products for Food & Beverage 

Industrial Manufacturing

Donaldson is your single source filtration provider for a wide variety of industrial manufacturing applications.

Products for Industrial Manufacturing 

Metal & Machining

Our range of durable filters safeguard the reliability of equipment and prolong service life while reducing overall operational costs.

Products for Metal Fabrication & Machining 


We offer cutting-edge solutions that purify air, steam and gases while ensuring immaculate packaging process from beginning to end.

Products for Packaging 


Our steam, sterile air, and liquid filtration provides the highest levels of purity and protection for pharmaceutical processes.

Products for Pharmaceuticals 

Pulp & Paper

Donaldson's filtration products are engineered to fit a wide range of applications used in pulp and paper mills.

Products for Pulp & Paper