As the need for smaller and smaller electronic devices grows, so does the requirement for the highest purity standards in compressed air, gases and water used in the semiconductor manufacturing process.

In addition to point of use and inlet air filtration for process tooling, semiconductor manufacturing requires high levels of filtration for bulk gases, air and water in order to meet critical purity requirements.

Proper filtration of bulk utilities will extend the life of point-of use filtration devices and minimize downtime due to maintenance.

Products for Electronics

Compressed Air & Gas

Our filter elements and housings for compressed air and gas are engineered to provide lower pressure drop, longer filter life, quick and easy element change-outs and more predictable maintenance.


We manufacture refrigerated compressed air, adsorption and membrane dryers to meet your specific air quality requirements.

Filter Housings

Donaldson filter housings are used to purify air and technical gases. We offer both non-sanitary and sanitary 3-A filter housings, both T-type and in-line as well as high pressure housings.

Filter Elements

From stainless steel mesh prefilters to sterile membrane final filters, our high-quality filter elements will help you optimize your process.


The P-SRF E series pleated sterile depth filter was designed for use in the semiconductor and electronics industry and works reliable even under extreme operating conditions.


The Donaldson LifeTec™ PT N filter provides the greatest assurance of filtration performance, stability and durability against chemicals and other contaminates in critical conditions.


From utility water used during manufacturing processes to sterile ingredient water, Donaldson's range of liquid filtration solutions will help preserve the integrity of your product.

Filter Housings

We offer a broad range of filter housings from high quality polypropylene to stainless steel for purification of liquids in the food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, coatings and other process industries.

Filter Elements

Protect product integrity and enhance product performance with our cartridge filter elements for liquid process filtration.

  • Clean dry air
  • Bulk water filtration
  • Bulk gas purification
  • Inlet air for photolithography and wafer processing tooling