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Donaldson Showcases New Filter Innovations at Drinktec

Increased Process Reliability and Lower Production Costs with New Liquid and Sterile Air Filters

Donaldson has introduced new filtration solutions for lower production costs and increased process reliability at Drinktec 2017. LifeTec™ depth and membrane filters for the filtration of liquids and the new sterile air filter program enhance the efficiency of beverage and liquid food production processes. Food and beverage manufacturers will benefit from shortened delivery times due to digital production processes, which allow them to react flexibly and economically to growing product diversity in accordance with high hygienic standards.

Increased Process Reliability with Lifetec

LifeTec depth and membrane filters for the pre-, fine and sterile filtration of liquids with retention rates from 0.2 to 100 microns and lengths up to 40 inches differ significantly from the previously known element designs, now incorporating a more stable PP liner and an increase in the dirt-holding capacity of the filter media. The number of sterilization cycles increases.

The liner features a new rhomb-shaped structure, which offers a better pressure stability and torsional stiffness than conventional liners. This increases the process reliability. The larger filter surface, the high retention capacity as well as the mechanical and thermal stability of the pleated filter media lead to higher volume flows and an extended life cycle of the filters. In addition, the user also benefits from a lower pressure loss: It is possible to either save energy for generating pressure or use less filters in an accordingly smaller housing.  

Seven types of connections are available to fit all common housing designs. The digitalized clean room production in line with Industry 4.0 is based on the single piece flow concept at the production site Haan/Germany and ensures that delivery times are short. The need for replacement filters, stock and storage area and fixed capital is significantly reduced.  A QR code allows complete traceability.

A New Performance Level for Sterile Air Filters
The new LifeTec depth and membrane filter elements for prefiltration, fine and sterile filtration can be used in all common housing constructions.

With the new sterile air filters of the P-SRF series, high retention rates (bacteria, viruses and particles) of down to 3 nm (nanometer) are achieved, thus guaranteeing product and process integrity. Mechanical stability and temperature resistance reduce maintenance costs and prevent production downtimes.  

The robust design of the filter with its stainless steel liner allows a higher number of sterilization cycles. More than 160 cycles are achieved. After steam sterilization, the dewetting time is only a few seconds. Downtimes, energy consumption and mechanical load on the media are significantly reduced. The high temperature tolerance allows applications up to 200° C / 392° F.  Also the use in applications with VPHP and ozone sterilization is possible.

The high filtration rate, the strong increase in the number of sterilization cycles and the short dewetting times after steam sterilization lead to a significant reduction in operating costs. The operational and process safety is also guaranteed under extreme conditions. The lower pressure loss allows for energy savings or for the reduction of filter elements and, hence, a smaller housing. This leads to a positive development in overall costs (Total Cost of Ownership).

With its two new series of filters, Donaldson has managed to open up new and more economical possibilities in filtration technology for the entire beverage industry. This includes bottled water companies, breweries, fruit juice manufacturers and wine / sparkling wine producers. The increased process security of these filters also plays an important role in the liquid food and dairy industry. The global Donaldson network ensures high delivery capability and a user-oriented service.

The new LifeTec liners (top) compared to other liners (bottom): The high pressure stability (top left) offers protection against pressure shocks. The torsional stiffness (top right) prevents damage during installation and removal of the filter.

With the new sterile air filters of the P-SRF series, high retention rates (bacteria, viruses and particles) of down to 3 nm (nanometer) are achieved, thus guaranteeing product and process integrity.

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