ALG 20

The portable ALG 20 breathing air system is designed to remove oil, particles and odors and provide purified air with multiple stages of filtration.
    ALG20 Breathing Air System

The portable ALG 20 breathing air system is essential when the breathing air is contaminated by the working process – for example during sandblasting, paint production, varnishing or working places where the air quality is impaired. 

  • Mobile and compact breathing air system can be used with up to 4 people. The multi stage purification includes coalescence filter with UltraPleat™ technology, automatic condensate drain, particle filter and activated carbon filter.
  • High performance filter validated according to ISO 12500-1, 12500-2 and 12500-3
  • Robust polymer housing with flap lid and slewable filter unit
  • Operating hours counter with integrated pressure reducer and LED display for filter exchange
  • Service friendly and fast and easy filter changeout
  • ATEX version on request

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