ALG 2000

Complete Purification Package: ALG 2000 Mini & Midi Breathing Air Systems

The Ultrapure™ ALG 2000 breathing air systems are purification units based on Ultrapac™ 2000 adsorption dryers to supply breathing air in excess of all relevant international standards and medical prescriptions.
       ALG 2000 Breathing Air System

The complete purification package of the adsorption dryer includes an activated carbon adsorber, pre- and after-filter, and condensate drain.

  • Purification package including adsorption dryer, CO, CO2, NOX, and SO2 removal – No additional installation costs, all components are in a package solution

  • Guaranteed and validated separation efficiency – Breathing air quality in excess of all relevant international standards, as e.g. Pharmacopée Européenne; DIN EN 12021; DIN EN ISO 7396-1; BS4275; ANSI/CGA G.7.1; Z180, 1M85; AS2299-1979; NZL5813

  • Desiccant cartridges – Easy storage, transport and simple installation

  • Compact, space saving design – Installation in smallest spaces, possible also as retrofit

  • Component exchange display – High operating safety, due to calculation of optimum exchange for filter elements and desiccant cartridges

  • Unique Multifunction Block – All moving parts and all electronic components integrated in a function block, therefore easy and efficient maintenance

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