Choose Donaldson as your partner for a wide variety of service solutions. 

Donaldson products enhance operational safety and increase product and process integrity as well as energy savings for all types of compressed air, liquids and breathing air systems.

With an all-embraced service concept, a close support network, qualified service engineers and individual service offerings we are the perfect partner throughout the entire product life cycle of your system.

  • Inspection & Maintenance  - Donaldson provides services for all components of compressed air, liquid and breathing air systems. Service agreements comprising of different maintenance offerings tailored to fit your needs and requirements.

  • Production Downtime Support  - Preventative maintenance avoids production downtime and reduces high operating costs. Our Donaldson service network is always nearby.

  • Commissioning - To ensure the perfect match between on-site operating conditions and system settings, professional commissioning is a must. Only when on-site operating conditions and system settings are perfectly matched will your system deliver the performance and reliability at the lowest operating costs.
  • Compressed Air

  • Air Quality Audit 
    Donaldson's measurement technologies reliably determine your compressed air quality through the analysis of compressed air, dew point and residual oil. The air quality audit detects and precisely determines the oxygen, CO2 and CO levels for special applications like breathing air.

  • Breathing Air
    The required breathing air quality will be tested with regard to the leading standards and recommendations.

  • Industrial Air
    We measure and analyze the air quality within the compresssed air system according to ISO 8573-1:2010 quality classes. Regular and continuous analysis of the quality of compressed air guarantees safety within the production processes and avoids contaminated compressed air, tailor-made to your application.

  • Integrity Test Membranes

  • Integrity Test Depth Filtration

  • Liquid

    • Process & System Audit

    • Integrity Test Membranes

    • SDI Test: 
      In liquid filtration, suspended solids and colloidal materials in feed water are one of the issues in subsequent filtration and membrane processes and systems. While in most instances when pretreatment through pre-filters are included, fine particles which are able to penetrate pre-filters can mostly be responsible for the fouling or clogging of downstream filtration devices, in particular membrane filters and RO (reverse osmosis) membrane systems.

      In order to measure the degree of this fouling exposure, a concept called Silt Density Index or SDI Test is applied. By means of the SDI test, filtration rates are calculated by exposing suggested filter material to the feed water under pressure. The SDI test will provide a measure of the degree of suspended solids and colloidal materials which are evaluated for use in the feed liquid and allows for the adequate selection of pre-filter materials and for qualitative comparison of blocking behavior of different filter combinations.
To enhance and complement our field services, we provide highly sophisticated in-house laboratory services to validate oil aerosols, oil mist, particle size or concentrations.
  • Integrity Test Membranes
    The Bubble Point Test is a commonly used, non-destructive integrity test for membrane filters. Based on the filter type, materials used, wetting agent and the membrane design, the filter supplier defines a bubble point. Applying an increasing gas pressure from outside the water film covering the majority of pores breaks at a certain pressure (Bubble Point Pressure). If the pore structure of the membrane is defective, this breakthrough pressure lies below the value given by the supplier. Donaldson offers this measurement as a service for customers to detect leakages in membrane filter elements and to avoid potential contaminations in the filled beverages.

  • Integrity Test Depth Filtration
    This test is commonly used to decide on the integrity of a depth filter element according to EN ISO 1822. The filter element gets challenged with a cloud of submicronic oil particles at the most penetrating pore size (0.2 micron – 0.3 micron). The number of penetrating particles defined by a laser scanner decides on the integrity of the filter element. Donaldson offers this measurement as a service for customers to detect leakages in filter elements and to avoid potential unsterilities in the filled or packaged goods.

  • Differential Pressure Measuring
    The differential pressure is defined as the pressure difference between the filter inlet and the filter outlet. This test checks the efficiency of a cleaning process of the elements.

  • Particle Spectrum Analysis for Liquids
    The particle content of liquids to be purified is crucial for the needed filtration stages. Donaldson’s measurement of the particulate is based on a light scattering analysis of the particle size distribution in water-based liquids in the range of 0.8 micron and 138 micron. This service will become the basis for our recommendation what filter types to use and how many filtration stages are actually needed . The particle analysis prior to any decision on the filters helps to set up filter lines with a maximum service life time and to minimize total cost of ownership.

  • Test Filtration for Compressor Condensate
    Legal requirements call for the disposal of oil/water mixtures. With the condensate filtration test you can measure the condensate content and the degree of the compressor oil in the water. Donaldson provides a portfolio for the removal and treatment of condensate.