Protecting critical components
with superior filtration performance

Donaldson leads the disk drive industry in advanced materials and adsorbent technologies controlling moisture and contaminants in micro environments. 

Our disk drive filters work in the background to help protect critical components in cloud computing: streaming, storage, sharing, gaming, and business-to-business interaction.

Donaldson's disk drive engineering team works with you to design tailored solutions, optimize product design, and meet your specific requirements. Our manufacturing provides superior ongoing engineering service for critical design and high-volume Class 100 manufacturing.

Our disk drive adsorbents leverage industry leading filtration technology, with a dedicated engineering team utilizing corporate research and development laboratories. Donaldson’s advanced filtration materials control moisture and organic contaminants, along with high performance PTFE membrane and electrostatic media producing superior filtration capabilities.

We have provided innovative disk drive filtration solutions for over 40 years with design and customer service teams around the globe working to exceed your expectations. Donaldson Company has been a leader in filtration solutions for more than 100 years, and our disk drive division leverages the knowledge and experience from numerous industries to solve your unique filtration needs.

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