Diesel Carts

Achieve and maintain proper ISO cleanliness levels for your in-plant machinery or mobile equipment.


  • New fluid filtration
  • Off-line filtration
  • Transferring fluid (from storage to machine's reservoir)
  • Water removal
  • Flushing after repairs and rebuilds
  • Flushing during equipment commissioning


  • Long Service life
  • Cost effective filtration
  • Two-stage filtration - fine particulate and/or water
  • Prevents over pressurizing and damage to pump, hoses and filters
  • Prevents motor or pump from overheating


  • Rugged and durable frame
  • High-efficiency media grades
  • Two pressure filters
  • Safety relief valve
  • Overload protected switch
Service filter when flow slows or predetermined differential pressure is reached (varies based on pump spec, system pressure drop and clean filter pressure drop).

1.    Isolate filter and relieve pressure prior to servicing

2.    Loosen filter by rotating counter-clockwise using strap-wrench

3.    Install clean filter by rotating clockwise, tighten 1/2 turn after filter seats in gasket

4.    Dispose of used filter appropriately