Clean Solutions Filter Manifolds expand capacity or increase flow rate beyond the capability of a single or dual filter head. Manifolds handle flow rates up to 2650 lpm / 700 gpm. Two or more manifolds can be plumbed together to accommodate even larger flow rates.

Manifolds split flow evenly between the individual filters. Fluid passes through only one of the filters on its way across the manifold. Dividing the flow between multiple filters plumbed in parallel slows velocity and reduces the pressure drop through each filter. 

When used with Clean Solutions filters, they are an integral part of ensuring that your equipment receives the cleanest possible fuel and oil.


  • Bulk fuel and lubricant filtration and water removal
  • High flow transfer into or out of tanks and dispensing
  • Hard-to-filter high viscosity oils
  • Inline industrial filtration of gear oils and lubricants
  • Kidney loop applications


  • Prevents unplanned downtime
  • Cost effective high capacity system


  • Fast, easy and safe to service
  • Requires no electrical or air hook-ups
  • Large capacity in small foot print
  • Flexible mounting options (horizontal or vertical)

1.    Service filter when flow slows or predetermined differential pressure is reached

2.    When servicing changes all filters, all replacement filters must be identical

3.    Isolate manifold, relieve pressure and drain prior to removing old filters

4.    Install new filters on heads by spinning clockwise, tighten 1/2 turn after filter seats in gasket

5.    Dispose of used filters appropriately