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Compact Dust Collector Simplifies Maintenance

Industry: Limestone Quarry

Challenge: De-dusting of a crusher of calcium carbonate

Solution: PowerCore CPV8

A2C offers a wide range of equipment for the processing of minerals (crushing, screening, handling, dosage, dusting).

Cement production and mineral processing are complex processes with challenges related to dust collection. Donaldson has designed dust collector solutions for each step of the process.

Air Volume 6,000 m³/hr / 3,531 cfm
Dust CACO3
Particle Size Estimated to < 20 microns
Loading Estimated < 5 g/m² / 0.2 oz/yd²
Temperature 20° C / 68° F
Service Condition 9h/day – 5 days/week




Normally the dust collector needs to be built together with an access platform to be able to service the dust collector. Donaldson offered a new PowerCore® technology, a more compact solution. Due to a smaller footprint and less space of the dust collector an additional access platform was not needed anymore.

The company A2C trusted our new technology and installed a PowerCore CPV8 dust collector. The unit is equipped with PowerCore filter packs with Ultra-Web® technology and provides higher efficiency with less emissions and an improved filtration performance.


January 2012


The pressure drop is stabilized to 120 mm / 4.7 in. CE in 6 month of operation. The CPV 8 filter allows the correct operation of the crusher while ensuring easy maintenance.

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