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Dura-Life™ Filter Bags Provide High Mileage on Silica Dust

Dura-Life™ filter bags in this Donaldson® Torit® Modular Baghouse don’t plug at this automotive parts maker.

Industry: Automotive

Problem: Short filter life – conventional polyester filter bags plugged up from the fine, slippery silica dust.

Solution: Donaldson® Torit® Dura-Life™ filter bags capture the fine particulate without blinding over and yield 2½ times longer filter life.

Fine silica dust, combined with abrasive dust from iron and magnesium castings, creates a nasty environment for the workers at this 24/7 manufacturing plant generating 85,000 tons of cylinder heads and metal components per year for the automotive industry. To filter the plant air, they used conventional polyester filter bags in their baghouse—but the filters blinded over and stopped working every 3 months. The dust collector, located outside the building under the hot Mexican sun, operates in 100°F temperatures and 40% humidity.

This manufacturer turned to Donaldson® Torit® and its award-winning Dura-Life™ filter bags. Designed with a proprietary technology that retains dust on the surface of the bag, allowing dust to be pulsed off during the collectors self-cleaning cycle, the filters achieve 99.9% efficiency while providing extra long filter life.

Now with Dura-Life in its Donaldson Torit brand Modular Baghouse collector, this producer reports over 5000 hours—7½ months!—of continuous filter operation before bag replacement!

More than twice the life? That’s what we call getting great mileage!

Project Statistics
Dust Silica, iron, magnesium
Application Automotive - Silica dry scrubber
Dust Collector Donaldson Torit Modular Baghouse (Top Access) Model 162MBT10
Air Volume 14,000 acfm
Loading 5-8 grains/dscf*
Media Area 2,598 sq. ft.
Air-to-Media Ratio 5.4:1
Gross Can Velocity 140 fpm
Hours of Operation 24/7
Environment Temperature  100° F
Elevation 1939 ft. above sea level
Humidity 40% RH

* Grains/dscf = Grains per dry standard cubic foot. There are 7,000 grains in one pound.





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