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OEM Solutions - Customer Interface

Industry: Laser Cutting or Machining

Problem: Interconnecting dust, mist, and fume collectors with your product and installation process. This may include airstream capture, ducting, electrical interconnection, etc.

Solution: Pre-configured collection products including controls interconnection, mounted accessory components, and shipment of field installation components.

Donaldson® Torit® provides dust, mist, and fume collectors to manufacturing locations throughout the world. The range of airstream interconnections between the process equipment and the Torit collector range from local collection with no duct work through complicated duct runs with isolation devices and multiple pick up points. In a similar manner, the control interface can range from a simple start/ stop arrangement for filter cleaning through an integrated VFD based control panel with remote input signals from the OEM equipment control enclosure. As an OEM partner, we will tailor your collector design to include the right amount of accessory and control sophistication for your equipment and installation practices.

Equipment installation requirements vary widely with the OEM partners Donaldson® Torit® serves. For example, mobile equipment typically ships fully installed on a product, while a small abrasive blast system or laser cutting system would typically be installed into an existing fabrication space. Based on your installation practices, we can adjust our content to best meet your on site requirements and cost targets. Here are a few example enhancements based on specific OEM partner needs:

  • Creation of a fully assembled or mostly assembled collector including pre-wired controls, an inline compressed air regulator, and integral dust bin. Ideal for packaging with other similar ready to run equipment when on site assembly labor is in your scope and you have minimal staff on site.
  • Inclusion of duct kit or fixed length of flexible duct with each shipment. Ideal for consistent application arrangements where your scope includes interconnections. Reduces the number of vendors the OEM needs to interface with.
  • Provision of an inlet plenum, airflow measurement kit, and inline back draft device with each collector shipment. Fulfills OEM’s need for custom airstream capture and duct work accessories. The on-site installation contractor takes care of the standard duct work connections.

Communication between your equipment and the supporting dust, fume, or mist collector provides continuity within the complete system. Donaldson® Torit® is committed to providing you with a controls solution that meets your needs, preferences, and cost guidelines. For small collector products, collector blower control may be integral to your equipment control enclosure. For larger systems, an integral dust collector control enclosure is more practical. Whether that panel includes motor starter control, local or remote start / stop, downtime cleaning, or differential pressure based cleaning is up to you. Interconnection can be handled through field wiring or by integration of a unique connector arrangement.

We can help you get the optimal solution for your application.