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Long-Term Maintenance Savings at Atlas Mfg. Using Ultra-Web® Cartridge Filters

Even after 4 years of constant duty in the paint booth, Donaldson Torit Ultra-Web filters are still filtering effectively, providing clean air back into the plant at Atlas Manufacturing Company.

Industry: Metalworking

Problem: High maintenance cost from having to change commodity filters too often.

Solution: The Donaldson Torit Ultra-Web filters installed at Atlas have maintained low pressure drop and high efficiency for 4 years!

Sheet metal fabricator Atlas Manufacturing, Minneapolis, MN, counts on Ultra-Web® to keep its custom-configured Donaldson® Torit® ECB (Environmental Control Booth) dust collectors running without much upkeep. Installed in six 6-cartridge ECB modules used in grinding and powder paint applications, the 36 first-fit Ultra-Web filters have been cleaning the air at Atlas without changeout for 4 years. And they’re still going strong!

For Atlas, Ultra-Web’s long-term savings in maintenance and filter costs far outweigh any initial price difference compared with lower-priced commodity filters. “Once you get Ultra-Web, the value speaks for itself,” John Peterson, Co-President, commented.

For 45 years, Atlas has provided contract manufacturing for precision custom finished sheet metal. They serve OEMs in telecommunications, computers, electronic data racking and enclosures, industrial products, medical and commercial applications.

Peterson told us, “Ultra-Web just works. It keeps dust on the surface of the media, with low pressure drop, and dust is easier to pulse off. Our air is more efficiently cleaned with Ultra-Web.” 

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