The Donaldson Syvac allows multiple user operation in a wide variety of applications, offering a benefit to most industries such as the chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral, metal, engineering, rubber, buildings, electronics, textile, transport and food industries.
  • Easy operation with no moving of heavy equipment required
  • Multiple user operation
  • Efficient fabric or cartridge filter medium
  • Proven central exhauster
  • Smooth flow piping system routed to all areas of the plant
  • Quiet operation, since the vacuum source can be located away from occupied areas
  • Variety of accessories and optional equipment

Multiple user operation

Due to the high velocity design, the system offers a significant advantage in that it allows multiple user operation, with any number of operators working at the same time.

Proven centrifugal exhauster

The system consists of a motor-driven centrifugal exhauster connected to a separator, with smooth flow tubing extending the vacuum source to various locations. This allows all collected materials to be conveyed to one central location for convenient and efficient disposal.

System accessories ensuring flexibility and performance

The Donaldson Torit DCE Syvac system offers the user an effective array of hose and tools that have been specifically designed to handle the toughest requirements yet are easy and practical to use. Smooth flow tubing and fittings provide a cost effective piping system, with a range available that allows system design and installation to be easily accomplished.

Variety of optional equipment

  • Proven Dalamatic® fabric filter bags with Dura-Life™ Twice The Life Filter Bags
  • Heavy duty castor type bin or other discharge arrangements
  • Anti-static features
  • Explosion relief
  • Stainless version

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