PowerCore® CP Series

It's smart to switch to a Torit® PowerCore® CP Series dust collector. It uses significantly smaller and more powerful filter packs than baghouses, provides better dust collection, requires less steel, saves transportation costs, and lowers operational costs.

The key is PowerCore filter packs. Combining Donaldson Torit's proven and proprietary Ultra-Web® surface-loading technology with a rugged fluted-media configuration, PowerCore filter packs last longer, clean easier, lower emissions, and eliminate bridging.


Bin vents fit into the tightest spaces


An optimized airflow management system delivers optimal pulse cleaning while minimizing airflow restriction


Innovative PowerCore filtration technology means reduced freight and installation costs, fewer filter changeouts, lower maintenance costs, and no entry requirements for filter changes

Today’s streamlined and lean manufacturing facilities demand peak performance even within the smallest spaces. Torit PowerCore space-saving dust collectors are available as stand-alone models that can be ducted to many different applications, as well as bin vent models used on applications like silos, conveyor transfer points, conveyor discharges, blenders and mixers.

Torit PowerCore CPC

And just how small is Torit PowerCore? A stand-alone Torit PowerCore CPC Series dust collector is 50% smaller than a traditional baghouse and a CPV bin vent collector is up to 70% smaller than other bag bin systems. With Torit PowerCore, you can save space, install at point of use, eliminate duct work and replace a large central dust collector.

Torit PowerCore CPC stand-alone dust collectors, available in a range of airflows from 1,189 to 56,067 m3/h / 700 to 33,000 cfm, use less floor space and fit into tight spaces.

Torit PowerCore CPV

Bin Vent
Torit PowerCore CPV bin vent systems, with airflows of 765 to 13,932 m3/h / 450 to 8,200 cfm, deliver more powerful technology in a much smaller package. The comparison to traditional bag-style bin vents is dramatic. CPV bin vent collectors are almost 70% shorter than other bag-style bin vents and effectively address the frequent challenge of tight space limitations. These bin vents can be installed at point-of-use on silos, conveyor transfer points, conveyor discharges, blenders and mixers.


An entirely new approach to dust collectors, the PowerCore filter pack is small, lightweight, and easily handled by one person. Tired of changing big, dirty filter bags? One 178 mm / 7 in. PowerCore filter pack replaces up to SIX 2.4 m / 8 ft standard fabric filter bags. Removed with one hand and no tools in minutes—not hours or days—PowerCore filter packs save time, maintenance and money.​

PowerCore filter packs have 78% FEWER emissions than traditional polyester filter bags.

The PowerCore filter pack's obround shape, in conjunction with Donaldson proprietary Ultra-Web media, trap more dust on the surface of the media flutes than conventional filter bag materials. 

Fluted channels are alternatively sealed allowing air to enter through an open flute (red arrow) and forcing it to exit an adjacent flute (blue arrow). Fluted media construction prevents bridging in fibrous or agglomerative applications. 

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PowerCore Filter Pack Replacement — Easy. Fast. Clean. No Tools, Cages or Entry Required

  1. Lift up filter access door (clean side of the system).
  2. Loosen the captive hardware and remove the pulse accumulator.
  3. Lift out the filter pack for easy replacement.

Q. Is the PowerCore Filter a Bag or a Cartridge?

A. The PowerCore filter is neither a bag nor a cartridge. It’s a filter pack with a handle. We’ve configured the media into a corrugated flute structure, which not only makes the pack rigid and sturdy, but allows more media to be used effectively in a smaller volume. The media is then rolled into an “ob-round” shape that is only 17.8 mm / 7 in. deep by 55.88 mm / 22 in. long. The PowerCore filter pack, in conjunction with the PowerCore collector, has been designed to replace conventional baghouses with fabric or pleated filter bags. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to change out the PowerCore filter packs. They can be removed and replaced in just minutes, without using tools—and without a confined space permit.

Q. How Can the Torit PowerCore CP Series Collectors Be So Much Smaller Than a Traditional Baghouse?

A. There are two reasons the Torit PowerCore CP Series collectors are smaller: the filter packs and the collector design. One 17.8 mm / 7 in. PowerCore filter pack replaces six traditional 2.4 m / 8 ft fabric filter bags. We are able to include a large amount of filter media area in the 17.8 mm / 7 in. space because of the unique corrugated configuration method. With shorter filter packs, the size of the collector can be reduced. The collector is designed to be smaller and smarter. By engineering the airflow patterns inside the collector, we have been successful in reducing the amount of space required while maintaining excellent filtration performance.

Q. Does Torit PowerCore Improve Traditional Baghouse Filtration?

A. Yes. The PowerCore CP Series collector design and engineered airflow work to prevent a common baghouse problem—bridging. The possibility of dust bridging between the filter packs is eliminated in Torit PowerCore. By designing the filter pack and the collector together, Donaldson Torit has developed an optimized solution for dust collection where baghouses are typically applied.

Q. Can Dust Bridging Become a Problem with Torit PowerCore?

A. No. There is no chance of bridging between PowerCore filter packs—and therefore no plugging due to bridging—in a Torit PowerCore collector. Here’s why: 

  • Bridging happens in baghouses because the pulse-cleaning knocks accumulated dust down the length of the filter, and often it accumulates in the lower interstitial spaces. On particulate that tends to stick to itself or nest, the accumulation builds, eventually into a bridge. Torit PowerCore is engineered with computer-modeled fluid flow analysis to manage the incoming dirty air and the velocities directed into the filter pack, avoiding interstitial problems. And, the PowerCore filter pack is only 17.8 mm / 7 in. deep, so there’s virtually no opportunity for a dust bridge to develop.

  • Donaldson Torit’s new Compact Pulse Cleaning System is a proprietary, computer-modeled pulse-cleaning technology designed to match the “ob-round” shape of the PowerCore filter pack. The pulse pattern covers the entire media pack and pulses the dust out of the fluted channels. There is no possibility of bridging.

Q. What Kind of Dust Can Torit PowerCore CP Handle?

A. So far, we’ve tested and approved Torit PowerCore for many industries where baghouses are typically applied, including:

  • Cement & Gypsum
  • Food Products
  • Mining & Quarry
  • Grain – Milling & Processing
  • Paper & Packaging
  • Plastics
  • Glass
  • Textiles
  • Rubber
  • Wood – Lumber, Furniture & Millwork (including very fine wood flour)

We continue to test and develop Torit PowerCore solutions for other dust challenges. Donaldson Torit will always recommend the best filtration solution for the specific application, whether it’s a cartridge, baghouse, or Torit PowerCore.

Q. What Kind of Filter Media Is Used in PowerCore Filter Packs?

A. Our best: our Donaldson-developed and proprietary Ultra-Web® media. It’s made of two layers—a sturdy substrate bonded with a thin layer of nanofibers—that capture both small and large particulate—resulting in a very high performance media. The EPA PM2.5 testing proves it. PowerCore filter packs have 78% FEWER emissions than traditional polyester filter bags.

Q. Can I Retrofit My Current Collector with PowerCore Filter Packs?

A. Not at this time. Torit PowerCore uses an advanced filtration technology. The filter packs, tubesheet, pulse-cleaning system and engineered airflow of the collector have been optimized as an integrated system. Retrofitting an existing collector is not advised.

Q. Are Torit PowerCore And PowerCore Filter Packs Available from Other Manufacturers?

A. No. Torit PowerCore and PowerCore filter packs are only available from Donaldson Torit.

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