Food & Beverage

Food processing industries move a variety of products – grain, sugar, flour, dairy, cocoa, cereal, spices and many more. Depending on the application, there may be concern with cross contamination, sanitary regulations, and/or food handling regulations.

Donaldson Torit® has a wide variety of dust collectors that can be applied in the food processing industry ranging from small bin vents to large baghouses customized to meet the specific needs for each type of food product.

Dust collectors or “material separators” in the food industry keep the product in the process stream through use of a bin vent collector such as the PowerCore® CP unit, preventing the loss of valuable ingredients and removing a potential waste stream. PowerCore filters represent the latest technology in dust collection and outperform baghouse collectors in a smaller space.

With over 100 years of experience engineering dust collectors and filters, Donaldson Torit is the name you can trust above all others for food and beverage processing. 

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Products for Food & Beverage


Donaldson Torit® advanced-technology cartridge dust collectors and a variety of filter media that conquer the challenges of most types of industrial dusts, including pharmaceutical, chemical, grain, bulk/powder, food, metal and others. ​​​

Downflo® Evolution

The best-in-class Downflo® Evolution (DFE) dust collector is capable of reducing equipment size and number of required filters by up to 40% compared to a typical cartridge collector.

Downflo® Oval

The high performance Downflo® Oval (DFO) family of dust collectors provides up to 25% more filtration capacity than other same-sized cartridge collectors.


Torit® PowerCore® dust collection technology use proprietary Ultra-Web nanofiber technology​, which allows for a smaller, more efficient filter, reducing the overall footprint of the dust collector.

PowerCore® CP Series

Extremely small but powerful package that handles high airflow, challenging particulate, and fits into the smallest places.


We offer a complete line of dependable, rugged baghouse dust collectors including Dalamatic®, Unimaster®, Syvac and many others to keep your operation running smoothly.


The Dalamatic® dust collector is an automatic reverse-jet fabric filter dust collector.  It is most suitable for continuous process applications involving heavy-duty product recovery, or collection of large concentrations of nuisance dust.


The Unimaster® dust collector is an economical and effective solution for a diverse range of nuisance dust problems. 

Bulk & Material Handling

Food processing industries move large volumes of a variety of products – grain, sugar, flour, dairy, cereal, spices and many more.  Depending on the application, there may be concern with cross contamination, or hygiene issues, or hazards such as the potential for explosive atmospheres.  Donaldson has a wide variety of dust collectors customized to meet the specific needs for each type of food product.


Donaldson advocates “source collection” designs for conveyor applications, where the dust collector operates near to the point of dust creation. This way less ductwork and fewer discharge systems, which leads to lower purchase costs and less energy consumption.


Material can be lost during packing, especially from fuming materials. Sometimes the end product is returned to the process, and on other occasions extraction is for hygiene purposes and the airborne dust is collected as waste product. Food materials are often hygroscopic and frequently have the potential to be explosive. Donaldson provides excellent dust collectors to deal with packing applications.

Silo and Bin Venting

The food industry has the requirement to store materials in bulk and Donaldson offers superior dust control technology in the form of small compact bin vent dust collectors through to large venting units for integrating in to large silos. The benefit of integrated dust control is that it delivers efficient product recovery without the need for ducting and separate discharge equipment.


Model: 2DF16
Application: Spices - mixing, sorting, packaging, bottle filling, & weighing
Location: Colorado

Model: 4DF48
Application: Sugar - stamping process to form candy
Location: Missouri

Model: DLM3-2-15
Application: Cheese shredding / rotary tumbler
Location: Wisconsin

Model: DFO4-96
Application: Sugar - material ​handling & packaging of cereal
Location: Tennessee

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