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PowerCore® Media Technology

Leading the Way with PowerCore®

With more media packed into a smaller space and a simplified airflow path, PowerCore filter packs provide high performance with a low pressure drop.

PowerCore media technology is integral to the dramatic downsizing of the Torit PowerCore collector. PowerCore® filter packs combine Ultra-Web fine fiber technology with Donaldson’s media configuration expertise, creating a new filtration structure unlike anything else in the industrial air filtration market. As a result, a more effective filtration area is packaged into smaller spaces. And just one Torit® PowerCore® filter pack replaces multiple cartridge or bag-style filters.

1. Dirty air enters an open flute on the dirty air side of the filter pack.

2. Because the flute is sealed on the opposite end, air is forced to pass through the filter media into an adjacent flute.

3. The now filtered air exits the filter pack through a flute that is open on the clean air side of the filter pack.

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