Enhancing product performance
with innovative filtration technology

With over 30 years of experience and proven performance, Donaldson's Tetratex® membrane filter media is the perfect solution to boost your business performance with its unrivaled portfolio.

What is Tetratex®?

Tetratex is a proprietary expanded microporous PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane, manufactured solely by Donaldson Membranes. It is laminated to a variety of base substrates to provide a complete range of media including woven and felted textile media for conversion into all types of filter bag as well as pleatable media for cartridge style elements. 

Tetratex® filter media can enhance the performance of your fabric filter by utilizing surface filtration technology as opposed to traditional depth filtration methods

Since Tetratex filter media first entered the market over thirty years ago, it has been successfully employed in a vast array of dry filtration applications providing high-level performance and exceptional customer satisfaction.

Tetratex® Features & Benefits

Tetratex ePTFE membrane filter media can bring about a wide range of benefits for your fabric filter baghouse, the unique structure of our membrane prevents the penetration of fine dusts into the supporting substrate and facilitates excellent cleanability due to their nonstick characteristics.

Reduced Energy Consumption 

Significant savings in power consumption can be achieved by maintaining required airflow at a reduced filter DP. Surface filtration principles inhibit particle migration resulting in increased cleaning efficiency.

Reduced Emissions

Near-zero emissions can be achieved due to the microporous structure of the membrane. Particulate is collected on the surface, reducing environmental emissions within regulatory limits. 

Production Savings

Increased system airflow can be achieved through reduced filter pressure drop, significantly reducing the cost per ton of product. 

Reduced Downtime 

Excellent cake release capability and low cake formation allows for reduced cleaning and less mechanical stresses. This helps to prolong bag life and reduce bag changes.

Industrial Filtration Applications  

Chemicals - Power Generation - Metals - Minerals - Food - Pharmaceuticals


Donaldson Membrane Fuel Cell Solutions

Donaldson Membrane Fuel Cell Solutions

Donaldson’s Tetratex™ expanded PTFE media provides optimal structural support to promote efficient ion transfer and durability within fuel cell electrode assemblies.


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