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A New Protection Standard for Original Equipment: Duramax® G3

LEUVEN, BELGIUM (November 30, 2018) – We are happy to announce that proven Duramax® performance has evolved to the next level.

Superior filtration doesn’t just mean removing contaminants; it also means filtering out any possibility of contamination behind the scenes, before the filter is shipped and throughout its lifetime.

Donaldson uses its own baffle washing machine and liner washing machine technologies to improve cleanliness during the manufacturing process. The filters are shipped with a protection cap to protect the clean side of the filter, helping ensure that they are immaculate when you receive them. In addition, Duramax G3 filters are applied with a patent-pending clean seal design to meet the most stringent requirements and provide maximum cleanliness during installation and replacement.

The result is a new generation that extends the successful Duramax range and combines proven technologies with IP protection to secure your spare parts retention. In addition, the Duramax G3 filter enhances machine performance and offers an unprecedented level of protection for hydraulic equipment.

Duramax G3 is the third generation of Duramax technology. Its technologies have been evolved to integrate cleanliness at every stage of its life, offering exceptional protection for your products and your business.


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