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Adsorbent Vents and Assemblies

Donaldson Adsorbent Vent (AV) and Adsorbent Vent Assembly (AVA) provide protection from particles, hydrocarbons, acid gases, oils, and liquids without negatively affecting the operation of the device.

The AV and AVA integrate an oleophobic and hydrophobic vent, adsorbent element, and a pressure-sensitive adhesive for securing the vent over an access port in the device. Typical AV and AVA include:

  • High-Efficiency Membrane Breather - Acts as particulate, hydrophobic, and oleophobic barrier while allowing necessary gases to flow through
  • Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive - Secures the AV to the device
  • Diffusion Channel - Reduces the passage of gases and water vapor


  • Activated carbon adsorbent
  • Provides relative humidity control and adsorption of hydrocarbons

Chemically-treated activated carbon adsorbent

  • Provides relative humidity control and adsorption of acid gases and hydrocarbons

Plastic Housing (AVA)

  • Incorporates a vent, diffusion channel, and adsorbent in one product

The AV/AVA improves the reliability and extends the life of the device because the:

  • Breather prevents the passage of particles and liquids
  • Diffusion channel reduces the amount of gases and water vapor entering the device from outer environment
  • Adsorbent removes harmful gases and moisture vapor from incoming air
  • Adsorbent controls the humidity level inside the device

Adsorbent Vent

  • Supplied on continuous release liner on polyethylene cores
  • Roll sealed in metalized vapor barrier bag

Adsorbent Vent Assembly

  • Supplied bulk packed in vapor barrier bag
  • Supplied in stackable trays and sealed-in vapor barrier bag