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Powertrain Vents

Today's vehicle powertrain design requires high-performing and reliable protection from harsh environments. Donaldson Powertrain Vents are designed to protect sensitive drive train components from harmful contaminants to help ensure performance and extend the life of the component. 


  • Powertrain Venting
  • Front / Rear Axles
  • Transmissions
  • Power Transfer Units / Transfer Cases
  • Limited Slip Couplings
  • Robust design provides maximum protection from harsh environments
  • Hydrophobic vents meet water repellency ratings up to IP69K
  • Oleophobic vents meet oil repellency ratings up to 8 per AATC 118-1992
  • Provides dust and liquid protection while equalizing pressure
  • Innovative oleophobic coalescing pre-filter ensures performance for life of device
  • Rubber tube insert design allows for seamless integration into device combined with quick assembly time
  • Secure vent cap design will not separate from the body during installation or application
  • Durable automotive-grade glass-filled Nylon 6/6 plastic provides high strength, high temperature resistance, and resistance to harsh environments
  • Sloped inlets ensure water drainage and protect vent from high pressure water spray
  • Vent surface supported by ribs to further protect the membrane from high pressure water spray
  • Support ribs act as a spacer between the membrane vent and pre-filter to avoid cross-contamination of the vent surface
  • Incorporates an innovative oleophobic coalescing pre-filter which removes oil particles from vented air and drains into the powertrain component
  • Coalescing pre-filter offers protection against clogging and ensures performance for life of the component