Venting Technology for EDMs

As the demands for electric vehicles evolve, so do the venting requirements used to protect Electric Drive Modules. Applying the appropriate Electric Drive Module (EDM) venting solution helps maintain vehicle performance in both every day and more challenging driving conditions.

Learn more about the role venting technology plays when considering pressure equalization and contaminant protection in EDM environments. The intricacies of venting technologies will be explored, with a focus on ensuring the correct materials are developed and compatible with the changing fluids specifically used in electric vehicles.

This webinar covers key topics such as:

  • Understand how venting helps mitigate factors that can put EDM performance at risk.
  • Learn more about the testing methods that help ensure venting technologies developed are EDM-compatible.
  • Discover Donaldson’s venting solutions, including the synchronized use of Donaldson Synteq XPTM and Tetratex® ePTFE.



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