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Meet Our People

Senior Internal Auditor, Finance Department

Q. What path led you to Donaldson Company?

Stacy: While in school, I interned at Donaldson for two summers and one full school year. This was an incredible experience. As an intern, I was exposed to three departments within the finance area: credit and collections, cost accounting and financial reporting. My managers let me rotate through the departments to gain valuable experience and help to define my career path. After school, I was hired as a full-time employee in internal audit.

Q. What is the best thing about working at Donaldson?

Stacy: That’s easy. It’s the people and the relationships. On my first day as an intern, I remember walking down the hall, amazed at how many people said, “Hi,” to me – people I’d never met before. They all had happy faces. It was an awesome experience. Donaldson’s culture supports these relationships. The company is community-oriented and very good at reaching out to others. I feel well respected and valued here. In just a short time, I have learned a ton about Donaldson and have built life-long relationships.

Sales Manager, Industrial Products Department

Q. What brought you to the engineering team at Donaldson Company?

Josh: My earliest interest in engineering began when I was just a boy, playing with Legos and Knex. Now I have both a B.S. and M.S. degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Minnesota. I learned about Donaldson through a Career Fair in college and started as an intern in the Engine business, attracted by Donaldson’s performance track record. I joined the company full time in 2010 in the Dust Collection business. The opportunities I was afforded in my early roles were pretty amazing. I can tell you more about a grain elevator than I thought possible. I never thought I’d be 160 feet above the Columbia River on a moving platform as part of my job, watching a company dispense grain into barges that would take it to the other side of the world.

Q. You've been with the Company for five-plus years, can you tell us what you have enjoyed most about your Donaldson tenure?

Josh: I’ve stayed because of Donaldson’s track record, continued success and drive forward. I also like its stability. Not many companies reach 100 years. I like the customer-focused approach to the business. At Donaldson, employees strive to do what’s best for the customer. There is meticulous business management. Leaders here want a good understanding of what we’re doing and why. They are methodical and precise. I also like that there is a wide breadth of engineering disciplines for me here. If I ever want to find a new niche, I probably can do so within Donaldson.