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Donaldson Delivers for Dairy Plant Expansion

Industry: Dairy

Problem: The expansion included an aggressive timeline, a limited budget and the formidable challenge of meeting ever-changing regulatory compliance for food production safety in the state of California.

Solution: Implementation of a Donaldson culinary steam system, including:

  • P-EG 0768, 304 stainless steel filter housing
  • P-GS 30/30, 5 micron culinary steam element
  • P-EG 0027, 316 stainless steel housings
  • P-GS 05/25, 5 micron culinary steam elements

When a large commercial dairy cooperative located in the California central valley decided to expand its operation, it enlisted the services of a local engineering firm to specify and design the components for the required culinary steam system.

The expansion included an aggressive timeline, a limited budget and the formidable challenge of meeting ever-changing regulatory compliance for food production safety in the state of California.

Anything less than total sign-off from government inspectors would have resulted in project delays, lost revenue and potential risk of shutting down parts of the operation.

With budget pressures and construction costs mounting, the engineers had few options when it came to installing the right equipment for the culinary steam system. They could specify a lower-cost system and hope for the best at the point of inspection, or they could invest in a system industry inspectors and food safety auditors already recognize as high-quality and compliant, from a supplier who has those products in-stock and ready to ship.


The engineering firm reached out to a Donaldson distributor. Together, the distributor and Donaldson leveraged years of extensive food and beverage industry experience to provide the optimal culinary steam system recommendation along with the supporting documentation needed for the initial regulatory review.

The recommendation included one P-EG 0768, 304 stainless steel filter housing, and P-GS 30/30, 5um culinary steam elements, for the purification of the main steam line. The system also called for two P-EG 0027, 316 stainless steel housings, and P-GS 05/25, 5um culinary steam elements for the point-of-use steam supply. This filter combination ensures high-quality steam was available to protect the equipment and processes that rely on it for operation.


Because the Donaldson housings and filters were in inventory and ready-to-ship, the contractor was able to meet the critical installation timeline. The new expansion, complete with high-quality, compliant culinary steam system equipment, passed regulatory audits, and the project was complete.

Why Donaldson?

Food production safety regulations are constantly evolving to address commercial and consumer demands. Organizations subject to regulatory reviews or audits are under even greater scrutiny to understand and comply with the latest certifications and requirements. Taking a chance with what appears to be cost-saving equipment is risky. If that equipment doesn’t meet regulatory and/or inspector requirements, or doesn’t arrive in time to meet critical project deadlines, it may end up costing much more in the end.

As a recognized leading provider of culinary steam systems, Donaldson is at the forefront of developing products that meet and exceed current food safety standards around the globe. Whether you’re looking for solutions that meet 3-A sanitary and hygienic guidelines or GFSI requirements, Donaldson’s technical expertise and comprehensive product offerings can help you protect your critical culinary steam applications.

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