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Low Noise: Donaldson Adsorption Dryer in Whisper Mode

HANOVER/HAAN, GERMANY (April 24, 2017) – The new adsorption dryer Ultrapac™ Smart from Donaldson is the first compressed air dryer of its kind that is operated with a sophisticated silencer, with noise emissions in the range of just 60 dB. The new series was presented at the Hannover Messe this year.

“Our silencer technology reduces noise production to a level equivalent to a normal conversation,” explains Wolfgang Bongartz, Engineering Manager Industrial at Donaldson in Haan/Rheinland. “These merits make the Ultrapac Smart series ‘best in class,’ and allow the adsorption dryer to contribute to relief for employees in the workplace.”

Adsorption dryers are used whenever highly purified and dry compressed air is required in accordance to ISO 8573-1. Areas of use are food processing, pharmaceutical, medical and industrial machinery as well as the plastic, filling and packaging industry. Part of the compressed air generated is used for the operation of the dryer itself. It extracts stored humidity from the dessicant and is then discharged to the environment via the new UltraSilencer.

In addition to the quiet operation, the current series also offers additional new features: For instance, the dryer can be configured, installed, or integrated into machines and systems in different ways thanks to its compact, space-saving design. A removable display also enables the comfortable monitoring of the adsorption dryer when space is limited. This allows to comfortably read e.g. the dew point, cycle times, and temperature. This and other data can also be exported via Bluetooth and app as well as interfaces (i.e. common bus systems, WLAN).

The adsorption dryer works with a dessicant with a high absorption capacity and outstanding regeneration capability. Thanks to a dew point transmitter built into the Superplus version, which measures directly in the compressed air flow, switching between the two cartridges takes place only when the dessicant is truly saturated. The pressure dew point is kept stable at a minimum of -40° C / F. This results in a high level of efficiency and operational safety. An additional plus is the spring-loaded desiccant bed in the corresponding cartridge, which prevents abrasion of the desiccant. The proven UltraPleat® energy saving filter is also used in the integrated pre- and after-filters.

With the Ultrapac Smart, the customer also benefits from service worldwide coverage and reliable spare parts supply that are standard at Donaldson.

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