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Pre-configured or Custom?

How to Choose the Right Air Intake Filtration System

When it comes to air filtration, Donaldson was the first. And we're still the leader.

From innovative RadialSeal™ air cleaners to the revolutionary PowerCore® technology, we’ve been leading the industry in new directions since 1915. But resting on more than 100 years of experience is not the Donaldson way. We look forward to helping our OE customers move forward.

Air Filtration Systems for Modern Needs

Space and weight are always foremost on OEM engineers’ minds when designing a new piece of equipment, so it’s foremost on ours as well. Our latest technologies allow us to pack large-system performance into increasingly smaller and confined spaces, and they often weigh less despite doing more. The result is that we can help OEM’s meet power and fuel efficiency requirements without wasting space or weight. In short, our goals and your goals align.

How to Choose an Air Cleaner

It’s just an air cleaner. How hard can it possibly be to choose one?

Good question. Air cleaners, at their core, are straightforward mechanisms. But they’re the beating heart of every air intake system, making them vital pieces of engine performance. Air cleaners need to maximize airflow while minimizing contamination; two factors that are directly at odds. The airflow needs to meet engine power and fuel efficiency requirements, but can’t let contaminants into the system where they can damage critical components or even cause catastrophic engine failure.

For these reasons, it’s vitally important to choose the right air cleaner. While airflow requirements are paramount, space is generally the driving factor when making this decision. There are a few primary questions to ask before choosing. OEMs have to consider the end-user experience, in addition to the space, weight, and performance requirements.

  • Will the system be under the hood, behind the cab, or elsewhere?
  • Have you considered ease of maintenance of the system for the end-user?
  • Will maintenance and replacement parts/filters be cost-effective?

Every system and piece of equipment is different, and there are dozens of other factors that impact which air cleaner to choose. Temperature requirements, particularly in under-hood settings, may influence the housing or filter recommendation. Exposure to the elements, durability relative to working conditions (excess dust and wet, for example) are vital considerations as well.

Why Choose a Donaldson System?
  • Standard components that can be used independently or combined to create fully integrated air intake systems
  • Systems can be built to meet your specific performance requirements
  • Components and systems are ready to integrate into your equipment platforms
  • Full collaboration between Donaldson and OEM engineering teams
  • Trusted partner who will work with you to build exactly what you need to meet your goals
  • Prefer OEM branded product – our brand is built upon upholding your reputation
Pre-configured or Custom?

Our century of experience has led us to create a number of pre-configured air intake systems that could meet the needs of a great many OEM designs. But we’re also intimately aware that specific equipment platform requirements, environmental contamination conditions, and other considerations might require new configurations built specifically for an application. Whether “off the shelf” or an entirely new design, our knowledge and expertise in designing components that perform their desired function consistently and efficiently in harmony with existing components are unparalleled.

Why Select a Pre-configured System?
  • Resources for engineering collaboration, development time, cost, or component tooling are limited
  • Established configuration allows for broader end-user service part access
  • Preference for standardized parts that are readily available
  • Manufacturing lead times and/or warehousing service parts could be avoided
Why Select a Custom, Integrated System?
  • Require a higher degree of filtration performance or new components
  • Performance/space constraints require a fully custom system to meet requirements
  • Prefer to offer OE proprietary fit parts through OEM dealer/service network to ensure component and equipment performance
  • Interest in component/supplier consolidation
  • Ease of maintenance requires a unique solution
  • System requires unique pre-cleaning, sensors, or intake plenums

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