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Brunk Upgrades to Smaller and Smarter Torit® PowerCore®

Industry: Pulverized Plastic Powder

Problem: Plugged filters, short filter life, reduced productivity

Solution: The new Torit® PowerCore® dust collector with PowerCore filter packs

When Brunk Corporation, which pulverizes PE plastic into powder for the rotational molding industry, decided its cartridge dust collector wasn’t doing the job, the company explored alternatives in traditional baghouse technology. Leery of the large size and hefty price tag of traditional baghouses, Brunk based in Bloomington, Minnesota decided to beta test a smaller and smarter baghouse alternative in January 2007—Torit PowerCore with PowerCore filter packs.

“I’m very impressed with Torit PowerCore. It’s a very small footprint for the amount of filter area you get in a unit,” said David Loeffler, Plant Manager at Brunk Corp. “I used to have a FARR 8-D cartridge collector for my attrition mills but the filters would plug after a couple weeks, reducing air volumes and decreasing productivity. I considered replacing it with a larger, more expensive baghouse collector but then we tried Torit PowerCore and it gave us the right amount of filtration area in a much smaller unit.”

Brunk has four attrition mills ducted to its Torit PowerCore collector.  Torit PowerCore filter packs are only seven inches tall compared to a typical eight- to 12-foot-long filter bag. Torit PowerCore filters are substantially smaller and handle more air volume per filter pack, which allows the height of the collector to be reduced up to 50 percent.

Typically, one PowerCore filter pack with proven and proprietary Ultra-Web® technology replaces six eight-ft. filter bags.  This significantly smaller number of filters reduces the time and labor cost of filter maintenance. The small, lightweight PowerCore filter packs have handles for easy serviceability, are changed from the clean-air side of the collector and can be replaced without tools in minutes.

“We were replacing filters in our previous collector every few weeks,” said Loeffler. “We’re just now, after more than a year, replacing our trial Torit PowerCore collector with a production unit and from the results I’ve seen so far, I don’t expect to replace my filters for a long time.”

Torit PowerCore with PowerCore filter packs are only available from Donaldson Torit.

Project Statistics
Airflow ​6000 CFM* ​10,190 CMH**
Contaminant ​Pulverized Polyethylene. Size Range: 45-635 microns diameter ​
Pressure Drop after 6000 hours (same filters) ​3.5 inches, water gauge ​87.18 dekapascals

​Dust Loading

​111 pounds per hour ​50.3 kilograms per hour


*CFM: cubic feet per minute
**CMH: cubic meters per hour


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