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Dura-Life™ Filter Bags Provide 3X Filter Life in Soybean Processing

Industry: Soybean Processing

Problem: Abraded filter bags and insufficient airflow through the old baghouse

Solution: Donaldson® Torit® Dura-Life™ filter bags and a modification of the inlet airflow resulted in 3X filter life!

Donaldson® Torit®’s expertise saves the day—as well as labor, filter bags, and capital equipment cost savings.

A major agribusiness soybean processing company had an older baghouse dust collector on its flake dryer that had been modified several times over the years as facility production increased. It simply couldn’t keep up with the growing production needs. The processor noted that the filter bags closest to the air inlet were wearing out quickly—and bag wear caused shutdowns and costly, labor-intensive bag changes. The processor suspected that the only option was to replace the entire unit with a larger collector.

He called Donaldson® Torit® for a new collector and was surprised when the sales engineer suggested he first make modifications to his existing collector. Donaldson Torit recommended:

  • Replacing the polyester bags with Dura-Life™  “Twice the Life” filter bags. The increased air permeability and lower pressure drop of Dura-Life™ enables less restriction and increases airflow, thereby increasing baghouse performance.

  • Diverting the abrasive airflow around the inside edge of the collector— a simple baffle was designed that keeps the inlet air from abrading the front-row bags.

Results: Baghouse airflow is now sufficient for the expanding facility, bags are not prematurely abrading, and filter life has tripled!

  • Hands-on filtration expertise from Donaldson® Torit®:
  • Saved the cost of a new, larger collector
  • Avoided costly labor-related downtime
  • Saved many hours and dollars in filter changes
  • Reduced production disruptions

Let Donaldson® Torit® apply our filtration expertise and experience to your application. 

We can help you get the optimal solution for your application.