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Dura-Life™ Filter Bags Handle Double the Wood Dust Challenge

When their Donaldson Torit PJD dust collector suddenly faced twice the dust usage rate, Dura-Life filter bags saved the day!

Industry: Wood Manufacturing

Problem: Large maker of travel trailers doubled dust collector usage time, but didn’t want to double filter purchases.

Solution: The higher capacity and better pulse cleaning of Dura-Life filter bags enables the dust collector to work longer without an increase in maintenance costs.

Making 5th-wheel and travel trailers involves both grinding and sawing wood, and creates plenty of dust. This trailer manufacturer uses a Donaldson® Torit® PJD self-cleaning baghouse dust collector to manage the sawdust generated by various table saws, belts, and routers.

When business recently increased, the dust collector became busier, working 8 hours per day instead of just 4, and collecting up to 2 cubic yards of dust per week. The maintenance manager knew that the standard 16-oz polyester filter bags wouldn’t handle the new usage rate and sought a longer-life filter. 

He found it in the Donaldson Torit Dura-Life™ filter bag!

With its smaller and more uniform pore size, Dura-Life media is highly efficient. By collecting most of the dust on the surface of the media, Dura-Life improves pulse-cleaning performance, reduces the number of pulses needed, and saves compressed air while extending the life of the filters.

Now, after a year of operation, the maintenance manager says that they “are happy with the performance and feel that the bags are still like new.”

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