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Components to Help Complete Your Filtration System

Donaldson Torit® understands that high performance dust, fume and mist collectors are just the first step in keeping plants cleaner and more productive. Donaldson Torit’s high performance ancillary products quickly and cost-effectively complete the system, whether a manufacturer is installing a new filtration system or expanding an existing filtration line.

Afterfilter Housings

Donaldson Torit® Afterfilter Housing Systems provide a sturdy housing for many kinds of afterfilters.

Electrical Controls

Electrical controller systems allow dust collector operators to automate processes like pressure drop measurement, fan & motor speed and pulse-cleaning timers.

Duct Work

Donaldson Torit® Easy Duct™ ductwork is flexible and easily connects to existing ductwork without tools saving you time when your floor plan changes.

Extraction Arm

The Ex-Arms feature a 360° free rotation that effectively captures dust, fume or smoke at the source.

Fans & Motors

Donaldson offers three fan types to provide efficient circulation for your dust collection system.

Fire Suppression Systems

Kidde Fire Systems, a global leader in fire protection, has defined fire suppression packages for many standard Donaldson Torit Collectors.

Live Bottom Hopper

The Donaldson Torit® Live Bottom Hopper is a trough and auger combination that attaches to the hopper of a dust collector to break up agglomerative dust.

Rotary Valves

Integrate a Donaldson Torit Rotary Valve into your collector to create a complete system that automatically and continuously transfers dust from the hopper to the conveying system or collection container.