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RF Series

The small footprint of the RF combines a cyclone precleaner and a baghouse into one unit. It features a powerful yet energy-efficient cleaning system, eliminating the need for compressed air to clean the bags. Combined with the revolutionary Dura-Life™ “Twice the Life” bag filters, or our new Ultra-Web® SB pleated bag offering, the award-winning RF gets the job done while using much less energy than competitor collectors.

Dura-Life bag filters are engineered with a unique hydroentanglement process that uses water to blend the fibers. This process provides a more uniform material with smaller pores, better surface loading, and better cleaning. These advantages provide twice the operating life before bags need to be replaced due to high pressure drop. Longer life from Dura-Life bag filters lowers maintenance and operating costs and raises baghouse dust collection to a whole new level.

The Ultra-Web SB Pleated Bags option provides spunbond pleated filters with our Ultra-Web nanofiber web-like net to capture dust on the surface of the filter. These filters reduce emissions and provide longer filter life which reduces maintenance and downtime costs.

As an added feature, pleated bags are now available in a snap-in configuration, for the RF so no tools are required for installation.

Side by side, no other baghouse provides more performance than the Donaldson Torit® RF baghouse collector.

 RF Baghouse Collector


  • Involute scroll inlet puts cyclonic spin on airflow to pre-separate dust
  • Single inlet, outlet and hopper reduces duct and hopper outlet costs
  • Even-Air™ Flow Straightener reduces wear on bag filters
  • 60° conical hopper reduces dust build-up
  • Award winning Dura-Life "Twice the Life” bag filters
  • Requires less energy than comparable sized units
  • Oval shaped bags provide better snap for better bag cleaning
  • RF cleaning system requires no compressed air
  • Clean-air bag access for easier bag service

Two Breakthrough Filter Options for Your RF Baghouse

     Dura-Life Bag Filter

Dura-Life® Filter Bags Provide Twice the Life Over Standard
540 g/m2 / 16 oz/ydPolyester Bags

Traditional 540 g/m2 / 16 oz/yd2 polyester bags are produced via a needling process that creates larger pores where dust can embed into the fabric, inhibiting cleaning and reducing bag life. Dura-Life bags are engineered with a unique hydroentanglement process that uses water jets to blend the fibers. This process creates a felt with smaller pores which keeps more dust on the surface of the filter resulting in better pulse cleaning and longer bags life.

  • Two to three times longer bag filter life
  • Reduced maintenance and replacement bag filter costs due to fewer bag changeouts
  • Fan energy savings due to lower pressure drop
  • Thirty percent fewer emissions based on EPA tests
    Ultra-Web SB Pleated Bags

Pleated Bags with Ultra-Web® SB Provide Longer Life and
Reduced Emissions

For more than two decades, Donaldson Torit has advanced the proven Ultra-Web nanofiber technology. Ultra-Web provides a very fine, continuous fiber of 0.2 - 0.3 micron in diameter to form a web-like net that traps dust on the surface of the media.

Combining Ultra-Web technology with a sturdy spunbond polyester substrate, Ultra-Web SB pleated bag filters provide longer life, reduced downtime and reduced emissions.​​

 Snap-In, Fully Synthetic Snap-In, & Bolt Safe

Ultra-Web SB Pleated Bag Benefits:​

  • Up to two times longer filter life
  • Energy savings due to lower pressure drop
  • Reduced maintenance and downtime costs
  • Reduced emissions
  • Snap-in design for tool free installation
  • Fully synthetic snap-in design eliminates the need to provide bonding points

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Q. What Is a Hydro-Entanglement Process?

A. Instead of a mechanical process using needles to entangle and compress polyester fibers into a felt material, the hydro-entanglement process uses jets of water to entable and compree the polyester fibers into felt. The process creates a material that is more uniform and provides better filtration.

Q. How Are Dura-Life Bags Different from Standard Polyester Bags?

A. Dura-Life bags are made from polyester material that is created through a hydro-entanglement process instead of a needle punch process. The hydro-entanglement process creates a more consistent and uniform filter material. The material is comparable in thickness to standard polyester, but weighs about 1/3 less. The fibers are smaller and the hydro-entanglement process creates a loftier and lighter weight fabric that filters more effectively.

Dura-Life Bag Filters

A cost-effective, high performance alternative.