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The Donaldson Torit® Centrifugal is compact, direct machine-mountable mist collector designed to collect, filter, and reclaim mist generated from machines using oil-based, synthetic, semi-synthetic, or water-soluble coolants. 
  • Efficient, compact design handles mist and smoke applications from 170 to 1,688 m³/h / 100 -1000 cfm
  • Three stages of filtration for high filtration efficiency and optimum filter life
  • Available with high performance in-cover or in-line prefilters for removal of swarf and large chips and in-cover impingers for applications with heavy concentrations of fine mist
  • High collection efficiency of 98% on 1.0 micron increasing to 99.97% at 0.3 micron with optional fourth stage HEPA filter
  • Direct-mount capability minimizes ductwork
  • Recirculation of clean air eliminates the need for costly make-up air
  • Provides a cleaner work environment for maximum productivity
  • Helps support OSHA Clean Air Standards

Operational Explanation

  • Inexpensive, throwaway filter liners reduce maintenance costs
  • Sturdy, compact, 16-gauge steel encasement is tough and solid for harsh industrial environments
  • Optional HEPA and carbon filters are available on all models

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Collector Design Standard Optional
Heavy-Gauge Steel Construction  
Three Filtration Stages  
TEFC Motor  
Drain Kit  
3-Phase, 50-60 Hz Motor  
1-Phase, 60 Hz Motor  
Flexible Inlet Hose Kit  
Pedestal 152.4 x 152.4 mm / 6 x 6 in.  
Explosion Proof Motor  
Aluminum Drum Assembly  
Vibrator Isolators  
Inlet Adapter  
Prefilter Trap  
In-Cover Trap  
In-Cover Impinger  


Filters and Liners Standard Optional
Throwaway Liner  
Primary Filter  
Secondary Filter  
Exhaust Grill Filter  
Sock Filter (In-Line Prefilter)  
Carbon Filter  
HEPA Filter (Fourth Stage)  


Paint System Standard Optional
Textured Multi-Coat Paint Finish with 2,000-Hour Salt Spray Performance  
Premium Duty Coating  
Custom Colors  


Warranty Standard Optional
10-Year Warranty  

Q. What Size Are Mist Droplets/Particles?

A. Mist can generally be defined as a liquid droplet 20 microns in diameter or smaller. Oil-based fluids typically produce mist droplets that range from 0.5 microns to 10 microns. A smoke droplet is typically smaller, from 0.07 microns to 1 micron, and is a solid or liquid aerosol.

Q. What Determines the Performance of a Mist Collector?

A. A mist collector can be characterized by pressure drop, efficiency, and flow rate. Pressure drops affects the energy required to pull the airflow through the system. The efficiency of the system determines how clean the air will be as it leaves the collector and flow rate determines how much air will be cleaned.