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Donaldson Torit® Offers Ultra-Web® Spunbond Pleated Bag Filters for the Most Problematic Dust

MINNEAPOLIS (2 May 2014) – Donaldson Company, Inc., the leading worldwide manufacturer of filtration solutions and products, now offers top loading, bottom loading and oval pleated bag filters for all baghouse configurations. These problem-solving bags are available in a variety of filter media including Donaldson's proprietary Ultra-Web® fine fiber technology on a spunbond (SB) substrate – the only of its kind in the industry. 

Donaldson offers its fine fiber technology on all popular makes and models of baghouse collectors. The Ultra-Web SB media used in the pleated bag program consists of a layer of fine fibers (most of which are only 0.3 microns in diameter) over a sturdy spunbond polyester substrate. The substrate is known to work well in applications where agglomerative dust is problematic. 

Ultra-Web SB pleated filter bags are an extension of Donaldson Torit®'s Ultra-Web line of fine fiber media technologies for industrial applications. Ultra-Web SB combines excellent surface-loading and dust release capabilities to create pleated filter bags with durability, moisture and chemical tolerance, long life, high efficiency, and significantly lower pressure drop for energy efficient operation when compared to traditional felt or other pleated spunbond filter bags. 

The Proof is in the Filtering 

One customer required effective filtration for the grinding, sizing, drying and blending of powder and granular products. They were utilizing nine non-Torit collectors and were limited to only 2 – 3 months life out of polyester bag filters. The collectors were undersized and were underperforming to the point that the production loss associated with each filter change-out was approaching $10,000/hour. The customer converted one baghouse to Torit Ultra-Web SB pleated bag filters to test the pleated bag filters’ performance. The customer was impressed by the lower pressure drop, increased airflow, higher efficiency and longer filter life that the Ultra-Web SB pleated bag filters provided compared to the polyester bag filters. This comparison testing led the customer to convert the remaining eight collectors to Ultra-Web SB pleated bag filters, and the continuing results have not disappointed! Now, a year later, the initial Ultra-Web SB pleated bag filters are still operating below 3” of pressure drop and continue to allow added airflow. The filters have offered approximately 4 – 6 times the life of the previous bag filters, and the cost savings have been substantial! 

"Baghouse dust collector owners now have more pleated bag filter options – including those with high-performing Ultra-Web SB media," explained Mike Casey, Aftermarket Director for Donaldson Torit. "These high-performance pleated bag filters are designed to fit all popular brands of bag collectors. They are also available as a first-fit option for Torit bag collectors. We welcome the opportunity to solve our customers’ most problematic baghouse applications with our proprietary pleated bag filters." 

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