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Smaller, Smarter & Safer: Donaldson Breaks New Ground in Silo Ventilation

Silo over-pressurization is one of the biggest risks in bulk material storage often caused by problematic air venting systems. Possible consequences include worker injury, silo damage, expensive delays in filling and unloading, loss of valuable material and environmental noncompliance. 

Donaldson’s new Silo Venting Unit is specially designed to protect your valuable bulk material and cut costs in the process.

A well-functioning venting unit is key to optimizing bulk transportation, avoiding over-pressurization and guaranteeing safety. But, if it is so important, why is it so often neglected? The answer is maintenance. Standard silo venting upkeep entails:

  1. Climbing on top of the structure, often under adverse weather conditions, and uncovering a voluminous venting unit with multiple dusty cartridges,

  2. Changing cartridges, bags and cages one by one with new -often long and impractical - replacement filters,

  3. Opening and closing the collector cover with the use of additional tools, and

  4. Repeating frequently while carrying cartridges up and down the silo.

Donaldson’s new Silo Venting Unit reduces size, increases performance and simplifies the process every step of the way.

Bringing a revolution in silo maintenance, Donaldson introduces the new PowerCore® Silo Venting Unit. By fitting more filter media in less space, the new Silo Venting Unit is 54% smaller than conventional units, freeing up valuable extra space for more security and efficiency.

Breaking new ground in silo ventilation was made possible by Donaldson’s PowerCore filter packs, equipped with the world’s top nanofiber technology, Ultra-Web®. Ultra-Web nanofibers are the finest synthetic fibers used in filtration today, an impressive 5000 times smaller than the world’s smallest ant.

Their production involves electrospinning fine and continuous fibers of 0.2 microns in diameter into forming a stable web-like net. This web provides phenomenal surface loading and superior dust release. It is proven that surface loading secures lower pressure drop and prolongs filter life. As a result, Ultra-Web filters last twice as much as conventional filters.

                        540 g/m2 Polyester  

    Ultra-Web Nanofiber Technology

10 Microns Particulate
Simple and Brilliant: Powercore® Superior Technology Increases Silo Protection

After years of application testing on the field, PowerCore technology has been instrumental for drastically optimizing SVU size and performance. Pneumatic silo venting applications typically require up to six long bags or cartridges (24 m² / 258 in²). With more media packed into less space and an optimized airflow path, PowerCore SVU provides high performance and reduces the number of filter packs to just two. Thanks to their lightweight and compact design, replacing those two PowerCore filters can be done easily and safely without tools or additional equipment.

The SVU’s stainless steel bin is built to withstand dust and varying levels of temperature and humidity. SVU’s integrated reverse pulse jet cleaning and pressure switch are safely placed under its sturdy plastic hood protecting from severe weather conditions. Finally, the SVU comes fully assembled and ready to install, streamlining installation procedures and as a result,
lowering costs.

Major Cost Savings with Fewer Filters, Better Cleaning and Shorter Maintenance

Apart from simplified installation and maintenance, the SVU promises higher filtration efficiency and better protection of stored bulk material. Its integrated self-cleaning system is activated not only during but also after every pneumatized silo filling to ensure full functionality of filter packs and avoid dust clog between uses. Effective dust release is necessary to avoid over-pressurization, reduce downtime and prolong operation between maintenance intervals. 

Donaldson’s first-in-class technology allows filter elements to remain clean for an extended period while preventing costly dust leakages and operation disruptions. In addition, PowerCore and UltraWeb decrease dust emissions up to 78% in comparison to conventional silo venting systems, fulfilling the ever-growing responsibilities for environmental compliance.

Donaldson’s SVU is the new generation in silo venting based on a simple principle: Fewer filters, better cleaning and safer maintenance result in major cost savings over the life of the collector.


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