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Donaldson Awarded With Patent 9,221,004 by USPTO

Patent Awarded for Air Cleaner Arrangements; Components; and, Methods

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Dec. 30 -- Donaldson Co., Minneapolis, has been assigned a patent (9,221,004) developed by four co-inventors for "air cleaner arrangements, components, and, methods." The co-inventors are Douglas Iddings, Bloomington, Minnesota, Daniel Adamek, Bloomington, Minnesota, Thomas Miller, Eagan, Minnesota, and Johan DeWit, Hamme-Mille, Belgium. The patent application was filed on Sept. 30, 2013 (14/040,966).


An air cleaner assembly and components therefor are described. The components include features of an air cleaner housing; advantageous main filter cartridges; and, advantageous safety filter cartridge features. Features of the main filter cartridge are provided to engage an access cover of the assembly, and a cartridge support within the housing, in a preferred manner. Methods of assembly and use are also described.